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H1N1 Student Resources: Dining Services 

Information for students who utilize the university's dining halls.

Can a friend get food for me at a dining hall and bring it back to my room when I am ill?

Yes. Your friend can bring your student ID to a dining hall in order to get food to take back to your room. He or she can take any of the food options available in the hall. Dining Services will provide to-go containers.

Can an ill student that cannot get to a dining hall get proper food for his or her condition?

Yes, students will be able to select from any of the food that is offered in the dining halls. Soups are offered daily and Dining Services will accommodate special dietary needs.

Whom do I contact if I am ill and do not have anyone to bring me food?

All students will be advised to have a roommate and/or "flu buddy" on campus to provide support and assistance as needed.