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Commonly Assessed Fees Included in The OHIO Guarantee  

Instructional Fee: This required fee covers costs associated with instruction and is a component of tuition. 

General Fee: The general fee is a required component of tuition, and it provides funding for non-instructional student services. The fee is charged to every student who is enrolled in at least one class. The services and activities supported by the fee promote students' emotional and physical well-being, as well as their cultural and social development outside the classroom. 

Non-Resident Surcharge: This required fee applies to all students who do not qualify for Ohio residency. It is used to fund those instructional costs the state pays for on behalf of qualifying Ohio residents. 

Student Info System/Network Fee: This required fee applies to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in all programs. The Information System and Network fee is used to fund improved access to and assistance with information technology. 

Technology Fee: This required fee is based on the student's college. This fee supports instructional technology used in student labs and classrooms.

Bobcat Student Orientation Fee: This fee is assessed for participants in the one-and-ahalf day

Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO) program. This covers only the student portion of the cost. 

Graduation Application Fee: This fee is assessed to students who apply (or re-apply) for graduation. 

Individual Course Fee: This fee may be assessed for individual courses in addition to instructional fees to cover expenses such as materials for use in the course that are retained by the student, transportation fees, consumable supplies, etc. In The OHIO Guarantee, the majority of all course fees will be included. However, course fees for a small number of high-cost programs or activities will be assessed in addition to the level-tuition and fees (e.g. assessed due to travel or aviation costs that exceed a pre-determined amount.