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GSS Resolutions Introduced in 2007-08
  • Resolution 0708-01

  • A Resolution creating a new GSS Commission
  • Resolution 0708-02

  • A Resolution Revising the Presidential Evaluation Format
  • Resolution 0708-03

  • A Resolution supporting efforts to seek funding to provide compensation for GSS Grant Review Members and Chair
  • Resolution 0708-04

  • A Resolution Calling For The Formation Of A Comprehensive Pedestrian Safety Action Plan
  • Resolution 0708-05

  • A Resolution In Support Of The Graduate Education And Research Priorities Of Vision Ohio
  • Resolution 0708-06

  • A Resolution Condemning Discriminatory Parties And Events At Ohio University
  • Resolution 0708-07

  • A Resolution Regarding Feedback To The 2nd Draft Of The Five Year Academic Action Plan
  • Resolution 0708-08

  • A Resolution Requesting That Student Senate Amend Their Constitution
  • Resolution 0708-09

  • A Resolution Requesting An Addition To The TA Handbook
  • Resolution 0708-12

  • A Resolution Calling For The Formation Of A Standing Ohio University Pedestrian Safety Committee
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