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GSS Resolutions Introduced in 2006-07
  • Resolution 0607-01

  • A Resolution to Create a Website for Graduate Housing
  • Resolution 0607-02

  • A Resolution to Create a Centralized Database for Graduate Assistantships
  • Resolution 0607-03

  • A Resolution to change the Requirements for GSS Grants
  • Resolution 0607-04

  • A Resolution Urging the Ohio University Master Plan Advisory Committee to Meet before the End of Fall Quarter
  • Resolution 0607-05

  • A Resolution Requesting the President Change the Burden of Proof for the Academic Honesty Committee
  • Resolution 0607-06

  • A Resolution Calling for University Town Hall Meetings to be Held Once a Month
  • Resolution 0607-07

  • A Resolution Requesting that Ohio University Stop Requiring GA/TA’s to Sign the Ohio Loyalty Oath
  • Resolution 0607-08

  • A Resolution Asking for Graduate Student Housing to be Included in the Campus Capital Plans
  • Resolution 0607-09

  • A Resolution Requesting that Updates Be Made to the Student Health Services Website
  • Resolution 0607-10

  • A Resolution Encouraging Ohio University Students to support Black History Month events around campus
  • Resolution 0607-11

  • A Resolution To Name The New Residence Hall On South Green For African Americans Who Have Made A Difference At Ohio University
  • Resolution 0607-12

  • A Resolution In Support Of A Review Of The Graduate Printing Quota
  • Resolution 0607-13

  • A Resolution That Requests That Organizations Sponsoring Blood Drives Clearly And Comprehensively State Reasons For Ineligibility
  • Resolution 0607-14

  • A Resolution Supporting The Recommendations Of The Sexual Health Seminar Committee
  • Resolution 0607-15

  • A Resolution Amending Language On The GSS Ballot
  • Resolution 0607-16

  • A Resolution Affirming The Importance Of Shared Governance
  • Resolution 0607-17

  • A Resolution to Amend the Graduate Student Senate Constitution
  • Resolution 0607-18

  • A Resolution That Requests That OU Hourly Employment Not Taken Up By Students Be Open To Spouses Eligible To Work
  • Resolution 0607-19

  • A Resolution That Requests That Students With Disability Be Given The Option Of Remaining In Residence Halls During Vacation
  • Resolution 0607-20

  • A Resolution That Requests That Acceptance To Study Abroad Programs Be Done By Signing A Form With A Column For Relevant Issue(S) That May Affect Participation
  • Resolution 0607-21

  • A Resolution That Requests That Summer Tuition And General Fees Be Waived For Those Taking Classes Or Internships Outside Ou And Halved For Those Taking Classes During Summer
  • Resolution 0607-22

  • A Resolution Regarding the Revised Health Insurance Plan
  • Resolution 0607-23

  • A Resolution Honoring the Work of Dr. Michael Mumper
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