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AthensNews (6-26-2016)   University begins its presidential search in earnest 

AthensNews (6-26-2016)   Trustees OK $620K to design Sook Center: Study facility for student-athletes spurs local criticism

The Post (11-12-2015)  Ohio University President McDavis addresses general fee concerns in special Graduate Student Senate meeting

AthensNEWS (11-08-2015)   McDavis to address Graduate Student Senate regarding general fee issues

AthensNEWS (10-28-2015)   Student unionization effort extends to call center staff

AthensNEWS (10-25-2015) Students protest in Cutler Hall during OU Prez’s office hours

AthensNEWS (10-21-2015)   OU Grad Senate: Boycott coming if president doesn’t attend meeting

The New Political (10-19-2015)   Graduate Student Senate votes to boycott university committees over General Fee

The Post (10-19-2015)  Graduate Student Senate moves forward with boycott resolution

Huffington Post (10-13-2015)  Article:    College Football Is Stealing Your Education
Video:    College Athletics are Stealing Your Future

The Post (10-13-2015)   Ohio University RAs continue effort, inspire others to unionize

The Post (10-07-2015)   Graduate student workers advocate for higher stipend, living wage

The Post (10-05-2015)  Letter: Ohio University graduate student responds to dean of Graduate College’s Op-Ed

The Post (09-30-2015)  Op-Ed: Ohio University graduate students have a 'critical role' at the school

Voinovich (09-30-2015)  MSES student awarded Graduate Student Senate travel grant

The Post (09-21-2015)  Graduate Student Senate considers boycott of presidential committees

AthensNEWS (09-13-2015)  Grad students protest before Peden during football game

The Post (09-13-2015)  Article:    OU graduate students protest general fee, wages outside of Peden
Video:   Ohio University Graduate Student Protest

The Athens Messenger (09-02-2015)   OU grad student prez: Union push needed

AthensNEWS (09-02-2015)   Opinion: OU graduate students fed up with being poor

The Athens Messenger (08-08-2015)   Ohio issuing cost-of-attendance addition to athletes

AthensNEWS (04-29-2015)   OU's $27M athletics budget subsidized by $16M in student general fees

The Post (04-27-2015)  Graduate students will not see a decrease in the general fee

The Post (03-23-2015)  GSS wants to waive parts of graduate students' general fees