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Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to also visit the Office of Graduate Studies FAQ website.

1. Where is GSS?
The Graduate Student Senate office is located in Baker Center, 302.

2. Who can apply for GSS grants?
Any current OU graduate student.

3. Where do I turn in a grant application?
Please submit it to our office in Baker Center, 302. If no one is there, just place it in the box outside the door labeled "place your grant application in here".

4. Where do I turn in a grant final report?
Please submit it to our office in Baker Center, 302. If no one is there, just slide it under the door.

5. How do I become involved with Graduate Student Senate?
There are a number of ways to become involved in Graduate Student Senate. You can run for a position in the spring (and take office the next fall quarter). You can also apply for vacant positions or email a commissioner and inform them that you would like to assist their commission. To do those things, just click on the "Get Involved" link on the left. To see a list of commissioners, click on the "current senators" link on the left.

6. How do I apply for a grant if I don't have a department representative on GSS?
Contact the faculty chair of your department. Tell them that his or her department is not represented on GSS and that you would like them to recruit someone. Once GSS has confirmed a new department representative for your department, go ahead and apply for a grant.

7. Where is Graduate Studies?
It's in the Research and Technology Center. Here's a map: http://www.ohio.edu/athens/bldgs/rtech.html

8. Where is Graduate Student Services?
It's in the Research and Technology Center. Here's a map: http://www.ohiou.edu/athens/bldgs/rtech.html

9. I was awarded a grant, but never received my money. Where do I get it?
All grant recipients are to receive their funds from their respective departments.

10. I have a complaint that I want to voice. Who should I talk to about it?
It depends. We suggest first contacting the GSS department representative for your academic department. You could also contact your college senator. A listing of their contact information is available by clicking on "current senators" on the left. You can always just email GSS directly at: gss@ohio.edu. That email account is checked daily. You may also call the GSS Office (302 Baker Center) at 740-593-1899.

11. Where can I find out information about graduate student social events on campus?
GSS hosts social events throughout the year. Please email us at gss@ohio.edu for more information. Various graduate student organizations may also sponsor some activities. Their websites can be found in the "links" section on the left column of the page. You should also routinely check out the OU events calendar at: http://www.ohio.edu/calendar/

12. I think I may need a lawyer for a problem I faced as a student. Who should I contact?
There are many local attorneys in Athens. Just check the yellow pages phone book or yahoo or Google yellow pages listing. However, the Center for Student Legal Services provides a variety of legal services to students for a quarterly fee of $8. Their website is here: http://www.studentlegalrights.org/index.shtml

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