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Budget Request Procedure and Forms

Graduate Student Senate is able to fund your event!

GSS funds can be requested by anyone and must be used to fund events, activities, conferences, etc.* that are open to all graduate students. The budget request form (found below) should be submitted to gss@ohio.edu  at least one week prior to a general body meeting.  The dates of general body meetings can be found on the GSS h omepage. Requests will be brought to the Budget Committee and General Body in the order that they were received. 

*GSS budget requests are not for personal travel, research, or conference attendance. Visit the Graduate College website if you are looking for research funding.

Any questions should be sent to Vice President of Finance Alec Koondel ( ak705216@ohio.edu  ) or to the GSS email (  gss@ohio.edu  ).


Budget Proposal Form




The Graduate Student Senate requires that all students or organizations receiving funding must go through the audit process. The audit requires you to submit all receipts to prove the money was spent as described in the request. The receipts should be uploaded through the link below. The materials must be uploaded no later than 45 days after the deadline indicated on the budget request. If there is not sufficient information provided by this date then the money will be taken back from the account. Any questions comments or concerns should go to gss@ohio.edu or to the VPF at ak705216@ohio.edu