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About GSS

Graduate Student Senate serves and represents graduate students at Ohio University. We have a history of being a space for graduate students to voice their concerns, as well as a body with the resources and connections to try to do something about them. In the past, members of GSS have been members of Graduate Council, Budget Planning Council, and many other university committees. GSS also works closely with the International Student Union, Student Senate, and Faculty Senate.

Graduate Student Senate is comprised of:
  • Four Executive Officers
  • One Representative from each department with graduate students
  • One Senator from each college and school
  • Commissioners who champion a variety of special interests including Academic Affairs, African-American Affairs, Environmental Affairs, Housing & Parking, Governmental Affairs, Graduate Student Life, Veteran's Affairs, Health and Safety, International Student Affairs, Minority Affairs, LGBT Affairs, and Women's Affairs.
  • Various non-voting members involved in committees and other projects.

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