Ohio University

What Happens in a Tutoring Session

Each tutoring session is as unique as the individuals who participate in it, but they typically share some common features. Tutors will introduce themselves and ask writers about their writing projects (e.g. What's your topic? How far along are you? When is it due? Have you gotten any feedback from your professor?). Either the tutor will read the paper or ask the writer to read it aloud so that the tutor can get a sense of what's going well in the project as well as some possible issues to work on. Then they will work together to create a plan for the session based on the writer's concerns and the tutor's assessment of the paper. Writers will be participating throughout the session by asking and answering questions, coming up with new ideas, and solving problems along with the tutor. For this reason, writers must be present during the session; the GWRC is not a drop-off service.

Our tutors are also working with writers to achieve learning outcomes below, depending on the writer's abilities and the context of a particular writing project. Writers in any session may recognize moments when the tutor is working towards a particular outcome. Writers who work with us regularly over time will meet all of them.

GWRC Learning Outcomes

Students who work with GWRC tutors will
* understand writing as a recursive process
* understand revision as something that occurs at global and local levels of the text
* identify and employ genre conventions successfully
* identify and successfully employ the writing conventions of their disciplines
* recognize and transfer what they know about writing to other modes of communication (e.g. conference posters, speeches, videos, podcasts)