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Translational Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series Archive



Date Event
Jan 16 Jonathon Whipps (TBS Graduate Student): Influence of Personal Health on Counseling Attitudes and Perceived Barriers in Osteopathic Medical Students
Jan 23 Kristen Comfort (University of Dayton): Bridging the in vitro - in vivo gap: Development of cellular microenvironments for enhanced screening mechanisms
Jan 30 Sumit Kapoor, MD, MPH (Ohio Health): Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Feb 6 * Please note Athens Campus room change to Grosvenor Hall 113
Feb 13 Bill Koch (TBS Graduate Student): A novel dual-acting therapeutic compound for the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus
Feb 20 Justin Holub (Ohio University): Re-imagining Nature's Scaffold: Designing Synthetic Proteins to Study Biomolecular Recognition
Feb 27 Ripla Arora, PhD (Michigan State University: Uterine 3D Structure Facilities Early Maternal Fetal Interactions
March 6 Hysoub Kim, PhD (University of Delaware): Systems Interactions in Sensorimotor Learning
March 20 Dr. Wei Li (Marshall University): Targeting Thymidine Phosphorylase for Chronic Diseases
March 27  Oucema Karam (TBS Graduate Student): Design of a new “lock” antagonist of the Growth Hormone Receptor derived from a diterpenic compound *Please note Cleveland Campus room change to SPS 107
April 3 Subhodip Adhicary (TBS Graduate Student): Toward identifying cell-autonomous roles for Rbpj-Notch signaling in postnatal brain endothelium in mice
April 10 Roman Kondratov, PhD (Cleveland State University): Circadian Clock and Diet interaction in lipid metabolism
April 17 Sharyn Baker, PhD (Ohio State University): Resistance mechanisms and new therapeutic strategies for FLT3-ITD+ acute myeloid leukemia
April 24 Adam Smith, PhD (The University of Akron): Decoding membrane protein interactions with time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
May 1 Barry Braun, PhD (Colorado State University): Windmills or Giants? The Importance of Context
May 8 Patricia Mora (TBS Graduate Student): Growth hormone treatment ot attenuate infectivity of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in vertebrates including humans

Fall 2018

Date Event
August 29 Mark Slayton (Biological Sicences Graduate Student): Replication of the Human Cytomegaloviris is Regulated by Viral Protein UL 34
September 5 Reetobrata Basu, PhD (Chemistry & Biochemistry): Tackling Therapy Resistance in Cancer
September 12 Amir Farnoud, PhD (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering): Interactions of Engineered Nanomaterials with Biological Membranes ** This seminar begins at 4:30PM
September 19 Francesca Gordon, PhD: Using Publicly Available Data to Learn About Health Outcomes
September 26 Craig Nunemaker, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): Therapeutic Avenues to Preventing Type 2 Diabetes by Preserving the Function of Pancreatic Beta-Cells
October 3 TBA
October 10 Harrison Muturi, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): Loss of Endothelial CEACAM1 Induces Cardiac Fibrosis
October 17 Liz Beverly, PhD (Family Medicine): Reducing the Stigma of Diabetes: A Contact-Based Educational Approach
October 24 Abhishek Gupta, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): Insulin Resistance Associated Functional and Immuno-metabolic Alterations in Adipocytes
October 31 Bijinu Balakrishnan, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): Fungal Polyketide-Biosynthesis
November 7 Sophia Mort (TBS Graduate Student): Future Prescribers' Personal and Clinical Experiences with Opioids Influence Postgraduate Plans to Treat Patients with Opioid Addiction
November 14 Dawn Graham, PhD (Social Medicine): Community Based Research: Expanding Healthcare in Appalachia
November 21 Thanksgiving Break - No Class
November 28 David Drozek, DO (Speciality Medicine): Intro to Lifestyle Medicine
December 5 Ronan Carroll, PhD (Biological Sciences): Regulating with RNA in Staphylococcus aureus
December 12 Corinne Nielsen, PhD (Biological Sciences): Investigating the Pathogenesis of Neurovascular Disease


FALL 2017

Date Event
August 30 Mercedes Sotos, PhD (Food and Nutrition Science): The role of diet, lifestyle and genes on cardiovascular disease: challenges and opportunities for prevention
September 06 Yunsheng Li, PhD (EBI): Influenza Virus Assays Based on Virus-Inducible Reporter Cell Line
September 13 Steve Patterson, PhD (Athens City Hall): Community health and well-being: A task for all
September 20 Tom Rosol, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): Translational Animal Models for Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis
*Location change: Grosvenor Hall, room 128
September 27 Chang Liu, PhD (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science): Automatic Segmentation and Annotation of Hospital Discharge Summaries
October 04 Kamile Geist, PhD (Music Therapy): Sources of Knowledge in Music Therapy Clinical Practice
October 11 Laura Rush, PhD (CTRU): Research with Human Subjects: The Common Rule, Updated
October 18 Emily Guseman, PhD (Family Medicine): Pediatric Weight Management: Overview and Opportunities
October 25 Randall Longenecker, MD (Rural & Underserved Programs): Place Matters: Rural Definitions and Perceptions
November 01 Julie Suhr, PhD (Psychology): Subjective Cognitive Decline: An Inaccurate Measure of Cognitive Ability
November 08 Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo, PhD (Psychology): Understanding Nutrition Judgments: A Psychological Judgment Analysis Approach
November 15 Janet Simon, PhD, AT, (CHSP): Life After Sports: The Greatest Challenge for Former Collegiate Athletes
November 29 Tim Law, DO, MBA (Family Medicine): Telemedicine in the Heartland: Managing Chronic Disease from Afar
December 06 Daewoo Lee, PhD (Biological Sciences): Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection in Parkinson's Fly
December 13 Scott Hooper, PhD (Biological Sciences): Rigor and Reproducibility: Why Controls Matter


Date Event
January 24 Leslie Consitt, PhD (Biomedical Science): The Role of Skeletal Muscle Metabolism in Aging and Obesity
January 31 Nathan Wages, PhD (OMNI): Interventional Approaches to Enhance Skeletal Muscle Function
February 7 Melissa Thomas, PhD (Family Medicine): Testing the Effectiveness of Culturally Competent Breast Cancer Education Programs in Amish Country
February 14

Robert Orenstein, DO (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the American Osteopathic Association): Writing Manuscripts for Scientific Publication: Avoiding Pitfalls

**note: this seminar will be held at 4:10 pm in Grosvenor Hall Room 128.

February 16

CANCELED- Jodi Pawluski, PhD (University of Rennes, France): Motherhood, depression and SSRI medications: effects on maternal care-giving behaviors, maternal hippocampus, and offspring outcomes

**note time and room change: this seminar will be held at 2 p.m. in Irvine Hall room 199.

February 21

Adam Jara, DO/PhD (Dept. of Psychiatry, OSU): Racial Disparities in Gestational Weight Gain: A Role for Adipokines

**note time and room change: this seminar will be held at 1:30 p.m. in Grosvenor West room 111

February 28 CANCELED- Victor Heh, TBA
March 7

David Russ (Physical Therapy): Dietary Fish Oil Supplementation for Reducing Muscle Contusion Injury

March 14 NO SEMINAR - spring break
March 23

Diabetes Research Seminar Series- Analia Loria, PhD (University of Kentucky College of Medicine): Early life stress-programmed adipose tissue targets with impact on cardiometabolic risk

March 28

Carter Snead (University of Notre Dame Law School): "Public Bioethics and Human Identity". Galbreath Chapel, 7:30 PM **Please note change of time and location

April 4

Frances Wymbs, PhD (Department of Family Medicine): "Engaging Stakeholders and Patients in Evidence-Informed Mental Health Interventions for Children."

April 11 Elizabeth Jensen (Program in Translational Biomedical Sciences): "Absence of Growth Hormone in Male Mice Alters Gut Microbial Abundance and Diversity"
April 18 Nathan Weyand, PhD (Biological Sciences): Complement Evasion Mechanisms used by Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Modeling of Asymptomatic Carriage
April 25 Anna Kerr, PhD (Family Medicine): Parent-Provider Communication: Managing Illness Uncertainty and Decision Making in the Context of "Orphan" Childhood Ilnesses
May 2 Hyun Young Park (EBI): Neuroprotective Effects of Cannabis


Date Event
May 16 Raghd Abu Helal, (TBS Graduate Student): Loss of endothelial-cell specific CEACAM1 induces atherogenic fibrous plaque formation
May 23 Dr. Mark Brown, (Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine): Drugging gut microbial enzymes for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes
May 30 Patricia Mora (TBS Graduate Student): In vitro infection of Trypanosoma cruzi with different cell lines
June 6 Jonathon Whipps (TBS Graduate Student): An assessment of glycemic control and diabetes distress among young adults with type 1 diabetes
June 13 Sophia Mort (TBS Graduate Student): Health profession students' knowledge and perceptions of the opioid crisis
June 20 Yang Li, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): Zinc in brain lesions
June 27 David Tees, PhD (Physics): Cell mechanical properties as a potential biomarker for cancer stem cell phenotype
July 4 Campus Closed- No Seminar
July 11 Kevin Funk, MS (EBI): Mitochondria and Aging: Insights from the long-lived GHR-/- mouse model
July 18 Xia Jing, PhD, MD (CHSP): VIADS and data-driven hypothesis generation
July 25 Kelly Nottingham (TBS Graduate Student): Developing an Engaged and Equitable Partnership: An overview of a community-university research collaboration
August 1 Subhodip Adhicary (TBS Graduate Student): Endothelial Rbpj-Notch signaling during brain arteriovenous malformation pathogenesis
August 8 William Koch (TBS Graduate Student): A novel therapeutic compound for the treatment of type 1 diabetes melitus
August 15 Yuehan Yang (TBS Graduate Student): Carrot Extract Reduces IL-1β Secretion in THP-1 Cells Treaded with Monosodium Urate Crystals


FALL 2016

Date Event
aug 24 Shiyong Wu, Ph.D. (EBI): Identification of potential targets for chemoprevention of UVB-induced skin carcinogenesis
aug 31 Sharon Casapulla, Ed.D. (Dept. of Family Medicine): Understanding Perceptions of Health in Adolescents in Rural Ecuador
sept 7 Frank Schwartz, D.O. (Specialty Medicine): The NOD Mouse Model of Type 1 Diabetes and Environmental Induction of Autoimmunity
sept 14 Chasity Andrews, PhD (EBI): Clinical Development of a Long-Acting Molecule for HIV-1 Prevention
sept 21 Bob Colvin, PhD (Biological Sciences): Current research trends in Alzheimer’s Disease and a look at new drug development for the Clinician-Scientist
sept 28 Brooke Hallowell, Ph.D. (Communication Sciences and Disorders): Clinical Translation of eyetracking research to learn about cognitive-linguistic abilities in stroke survivers
oct 5 Laura Brown, PhD (Music): Music and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Current Research and Clinical Practice
oct 12 David Drozek, D.O. (Specialty Medicine): Lifestyle Medicine: The Road Less Traveled
oct 19 Nicholas Allan, Ph.D. (Psychology): Refining Models of Mood and Anxiety through Transdiagnostic Risk Factor Research
oct 26 Corinne Nielsen, PhD (Biological Sciences): Notch mediated pathogenesis and treatment of brain arteriovenous malformation
nov 2 Kevin King, Ph.D. (Research Division): Introduction to Industry Partnerships Office
nov 9 Cheryl Howe, PhD (Exercise Physiology): New methodologies for measuring children's free-play physical activity
nov 16 Brian Clark, PhD (OMNI): Frailty and Fractures: Translational Aging Research
nov 23 NO SEMINAR - Thanksgiving holiday
nov 30 Anirudh Ruhil, Ph.D. (Voinovich School): Building HPIO’s Health Value Dashboard


Date Event
january 11 Amy Chadwick (Health Communication): Hope for Change: Using Persuasive Communication to Change Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors
january 17 Dr. Angela Horner (Cal State San Bernardino):  Insights from aging in the musculoskeletal system: advancements and innovations in rodent models
Grosvenor Hall 113, 3:00 pm *Note day/time change*
january 25 Abigail Kacpura, MS candidate (Heritage College/Graduate College): Patterns of Global Gene Expression and Regulation Across the Estrous Cycle in the Rat Brain
feb 1 Darlene Berryman, Ph.D., R.D. (Diabetes Institute): Fit but fat: The "Huge" impact of growth hormone on adipose tissue
feb06 Joseph Wallace, Ph.D. (Indiana University): Collagen and its role in Bone Mechanical Integrity and Fracture Resistance
Grosvenor West 111, 4 pm *Note day/time change*
february 16 James Conway, MD (Dept. Pediatrics, U. Wisconsin-Madison): Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy: Comprehending Incomprehension
Walter Hall Rotunda, 11:00 am *Note day/time change*
feb22 Corey Perry, J.D., M.Div (OhioHealth): Tickling the Tail of a Sleeping Dragon 2.0 (or the ethical impacts of technology)
march 1 Dustin Grooms, Ph.D., A.T.C. (School of Applied Health Sciences): Neuroplasticity of Musculoskeletal Injury and Therapy
march 15 Ilana Chertok, PhD (School of Nursing): Issues facing women with diabetes and pregnancy
march 22 Nathan Reynolds, MS (TBS graduate program): Galectin-1 Modulates Breast Cancer Cell Adhesion to E-selection Through Mac-2BP
march 27 Larry Temkin, PhD (Rutgers University): Is Living Longer Living Better?
Walter Hall 235, 7 pm *Note day/time change*
Apr 05 Garrett Heinrich, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): CEACAM Proteins in Metabolism:  Past, Present, and Future
april 12 Dallin Tavoian, ATS (TBS graduate program): Post-Developmental Myostatin Deletion and Neuromuscular Function in Female Aging Mice
april 19 Dhiraj Vattem, PhD (School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness): Neuroprotective effects of plant secondary metabolites
May 03 Ian Ackers (TBS graduate program): Wnt5a Increases Expression of Scavenger Receptor CD36 and Accumulation of Lipid in THP-1 Derived Macrophages Irvine Hall 114, 12 pm *Note time change*


Date Event
May 10 Berkeley Franz, PhD (Social Medicine): Facilitating Hospital-Community Engagement through Community Health Needs Assessments: Lessons Learned from Appalachian Ohio
May 17 Patricia Mora, MS (TBS graduate program): A multidisciplinary overview of Chagas disease in Ecuador
May 24 Elizabeth Jensen (TBS graduate program): Our Minuscule Friends: Examining mouse gut microbiota to create a reproducible microbiome quantitation model at Ohio University
May 31 Oucema Karam, PharmD (TBS graduate program): Design of a new antagonist of the Growth Hormone receptor derived from a diterpenic compound
June 7 Todd Fredricks, DO (Family Medicine): Applying qualitative methods to improve Veteran's health care
June 14 Sophia Mort (TBS graduate program): Perinatal fluoxetine effects on stereotypic behaviors in adult offspring
June 21 Cory Criss, MD (University of Michigan): The Hitchhiker?s Guide to Medical Innovation
June 28 Molly Morris, PhD (Biological Sciences): Evolutionary perspectives on diabetes: from fish to fingerprints
July 5 Subhodip Adhicary, MS (TBS graduate program): Investigating novel pathways that regulate lipid turnover in metabolic disease
July 12 Raghd Abu Helal (TBS graduate program): Role of Endothelial-Cell Specific CEACAM1 in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis
July 19 Sukanta Jash, PhD (Diabetes Institute): CRISPR-CAS9 genome editing technology: an update
August 02 Michael Boyle, PhD (Edison Biotechnology Institute): Doubt and Certainty in Science Revisited
August 09 Janet Duerr, PhD (Biological Sciences): Using C. elegans to Understand the Effects of Prescribed Drugs on Monoamine Neurotransmission


FALL 2015

August 26: Michael Boyle, Ph.D.(EBI): The genesis and evolution of translational research

September 2: Lingying Tong, PhD (EBI): Carnosol in the chemoprevention of UV-induced skin cancer

September 9: Corey D. Perry, JD, MDiv (OhioHealth): Ethical challenges in translational research

September 16: Craig Nunemaker, PhD (BMS): Mechanisms of inflammatory-mediated pancreatic cell dysfunction

September 23: Kevin Lee, PhD (BMS): Role of patterning genes in the specification of adipocyte and myofiber energy metabolism

September 30: Susan Williams, PhD (BMS): Effect of lingual nerve injury on oromotor function

October 7: Vishu Puri, PhD (BMS): Diabetes and fat metabolism

October 14: Cammie Starner, RN and Lee Ann Williams, RN: Challenges with Human Subjects Protocol Review

*October 20: Deforia Lane, PhD, Assistant Director of the Seidman Cancer Center at University Hospitals in Cleveland and Director of Music Therapy. Room TBA.
*note date change

October 28: Amir Farnoud, Ph.D. (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering): Antimicrobial Agents for the Treatment of Fungal Infections

November 4: Shiyong Wu, PhD (EBI): My lab, your lab, our labs -- an introduction to collaborative projects in EBI

November 11 -- canceled, university closed

November 18: Doug Goetz, PhD (BME): Engineering Molecular Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics

November 25 -- canceled, Thanksgiving weekend

December 2: William Swindell, Ph.D.: Gene Expression Profiling of Psoriasis Lesions


January 13: Monica Burdick, PhD (Biomolecular Engineeering): Use the Force: Designing Better Cancer Diagnostics with the Dark Side and the Light Side

January 20: Xia Jing, PhD (Social and Publich Health): VIADS: a Visual Interactive Analysis tool for filtering and summarizing large Data Sets coded with hierarchical terminologies

January 27: Peggy Zoccola, PhD (Psychology): Perpetuating stress with perseverative thought

February 3: Tim Goheen, MA (School of Visual Communications): What’s Relevant Is What’s Important: Traditional Infographics and Data Visualization

February 10:Ronan Carroll, PhD (Biological Sci.): Investigating the role of prolyl isomerases (PPIases) in protein secretion and virulence of Staphylococcus aureus

February 17: Jennifer Hines, PhD (Chemistry): RNA drug discovery: A paradigm shift for targeting noncoding regulatory RNA

February 24: Chunmin Lo, PhD (Biomedical Sci.): Dietary lipids and Apolipoprotein AIV control energy homeostasis

March 2:Canceled (spring break)

March 9: JJ Duke, PhD (Exercise Physiology): Cardiopulmonary consequences of very preterm birth

March 16: Ed List, PhD (EBI): Dissecting the actions of growth hormone (GH) using tissue-specific GH receptor gene disrupted mice

March 23: Erik Ramsey, MFA (Division of Theater): Narrative Levers

March 30: Harold Winter, PhD (Economics): Should Body Parts be For Sale?

April 6: John C. Hoag, PhD (Information and Telecommunication Systems): Computational Capabiilty (and Constrants) for Bioinformatics and Telemedicine

April 13: Fabian Benencia, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): "Tumors as attractor of immune cells"

April 20: Felicia Nowak, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): Paternal high fat diet affects offspring metabolism and behavior in a mouse model

Summer 2016

Date Event
may 11 Marilyn Hayden (Bioinformatics): Next Generation Pathway Analysis
may 18 Ramiro Malgor, MD (Biomedical Sciences): Wnt5a, a potential novel biomarker of tumor aggressiveness
may 25 Liz Beverly, PhD (Family Medicine): The Mental Health Landscape in Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
june 1 Chris France, PhD (Psychology): Promoting Recruitment and Retention of Blood Donors
june 8 William Broach, PhD (Genomics Facility): The Ohio University Genomics Facility: What can we do for you?
june 15 Sebastian Diaz, PhD, JD (Family Medicine): Implications of Data Mining and Analytics for Biomedical Research
june 22 Nathan Reynolds (Translational Biomedical Sciences): Galectin Influence on Atherosclerotic Leukocyte Adhesion
june 29 Dawn Graham, PhD (Social Medicine): Behavioral Health in Primary Care: How Rural Practitioners View Quality of Treatment
july 6 Ian Ackers (Translational Biomedical Sciences): Modulation of Wnt signaling as a potential therapeutic target in Atherosclerosis
july 13 Nancy Tatarek, PhD (Anthropology): Voices From the Past: Reconstructing Population Health
july 20 Sonia Najjar, PhD (Biomedical Sciences): Reduction of Hepatic CEACAM1 Links Insulin Resistance to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
july 27 Dallin Tavoian, MS, AT (Translational Biomedical Sciences): Overuse injury in runners; prevalence, risk factors, and changes in healthcare
august 3 Mitchell Day, PhD (Biological Sciences): Neurophysiological Effects of Hearing Loss on Sound Localization
august 10 Aili Guo, MD, PhD (Specialty Medicine): Legacy Effect of Earlier Glucose Control in T2DM - A Translational Perspective from Animal Studies


FALL 2014

September 3, 2014: Dr. Erin Murphy: Detecting and Preventing Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: Where Math and Microbiology Collide

Dr. Murphy will present her recent collaboration with Dr. Todd Young (Dept. of Mathematics) developing a laboratory study on the reliability of identifying bacterial pathogens in ventilator circuit filters. The long-term goal of this collaborative study is to develop a reliable, fast and non-invasive method to monitor patients on mechanical ventilation for the presence of pathogens that frequently cause Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) prior to the development of VAP. Students from the Dynamics in Biology research group will join Murphy's lab and use PCR (polymerase chain reaction) techniques to amplify bacterial DNA from circuit filters and advanced sequencing technology to identify the pathogens. Statistical methods will be used to analyze the experimental data. Concurrently, the group will continue its work on dynamical modeling of the infection/immunity response process in the lungs in order to produce reliable tools for early diagnosis of VAP.

October 1, 2014: Michael D.P. Boyle, Ph.D.: Translational Biomedical Science: Evolution and Adaptation
Dr. Boyle obtained his Ph.D. in Inmunology at the Chester Beatty Research Institute in Surrey, England, and has a distinguished career in cancer research and medical education working at the National Cancer Institute (NIH), the University of Florida College of Medicine and the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo. He served as the William J. von Liebig Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Biology, Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania (2002‐2012). In his current position as senior scientist with the Ohio University Vice President for Research Office, he was directly involved in the design and approval process of the new doctorate in Translational Biomedical Sciences.

Translational biomedicine is a rapidly growing field within biomedical and public research that aims to improve the health of individuals and the community by turning scientific discoveries into diagnostic tools, medicines, procedures, policies and education. The field is constantly evolving and adapting to changes driven by scientific discovery, technological advances, societal, political and economic pressures. This seminar will review the history of translational medicine and the current trends in the field as well as discussing the implications for research funding, education and career paths.

Here is a link to Dr. Boyle's presentation. (Must log in with an OU ID.)

November 5, 2014: David S. Drozek, D.O. and JungHun Choi, PhD: Research Advances in Colonoscopy at Ohio University

The current state of colonoscopy is fraught with certain challenges and limitations. Dr. David Drozek, a surgeon, and Dr. JunHung Choi, a mechanical engineer, joined forces to investigate ways to modify and improve the colonoscope and the learning process of endoscopy, enhancing safety and efficiency of the procedure for both the patient and endoscopist. Their joint presentation will highlight several innovations!

Dr. Drozek obtained his D.O. at the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, Ohio. He is currently in the department of Specialty Medicine and is also a practicing clinician at Ohio Health O'Bleness Hospital. His research interests include the areas of Lifestyle Medicine and development and improvement of endoscopic equipment and teaching models.

December 3, 2014: John J. Kopchick, Ph.D.: Growth Hormone, Mini-Mice, Dirty Shorts, Football, and a New Drug
Dr.Kopchic (PhD 1980, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Houston, TX) has been in the growth hormone (GH) field since 1985 and has generated numerous mouse lines (transgenic and gene deleted) with alterations in the GH/IGF-1 axis. Many publications have resulted from this work. The most 'famous' of these animals is the GH receptor gene disrupted (GHR-/-) mouse that has been recorded to be the longest-lived laboratory mouse. He has numerous publications concerning this mouse and has distributed it worldwide for aging studies. The most clinically relevant discovery in his research group was a compound, a GH receptor antagonist, that is now an approved drug (Somavert, Pegvisomant for injection), marketed worldwide for use in acromegalic patients. In this talk he will recount how the discovery of Somavert came to happen.

Dr. Kopchick is the Distinguished Professor and Goll-Ohio Eminent Scholar at Ohio University, and among his many professional accomplishments, he currently serves as the President of the Growth Hormone Research Society, an international organization of more than 400 clinicians and scientists dedicated to the study of the growth hormone action in humans and animals.

December 4, 2014: Randy J Nelson, Ph.D.: Effects of Light at Night on Neuroinflammation, Metabolism, and Mood
Dr. Nelson is Professor and Chair of the Department of Neuroscience at The Ohio State Uni-versity Medical Center. He holds the Dr. John D. and E. Olive Brumbaugh Chair in Brain Re-search and Teaching. Dr. Nelson also holds joint appointments as Professor of Psychology and Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. He directs the OSU Behavioral Phenotyping Core.

Dr. Nelson earned his AB degree in Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. He began his graduate career at Berkeley with Dr. Frank Beach. After receiving his MA in Psychol-ogy, he began focusing on studies of biological rhythms with Dr. Irving Zucker. He earned a PhD in Psychology in 1983, as well as a second PhD in Endocrinology in 1984 from the Univer-sity of California at Berkeley. Dr. Nelson then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in repro-ductive physiology with Drs. Frank Bronson and Claude Desjardins at the Institute for Repro-ductive Biology at the University of Texas, Austin from 1984-1986.

Dr. Nelson served on the faculty at Johns Hopkins from 1986-2000 when he moved to Ohio State. He has published over 350 scientific articles and several books describing studies in biological rhythms, behavioral neuroendocrinology, stress, immune function, sex and aggres-sive behavior. He has been elected to Fellow status in several scientific associations including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Psychological Associa-tion, Association for Psychological Science, and the Animal Behavior Society. Nelson has served on many federal grant panels and currently serves on the editorial boards of five scien-tific journals. Dr. Nelson currently serves as the associate editor for Hormones and Behavior. He was awarded the Distinguished Scholar Award at OSU in 2006, as well as the University Distinguished Lecturer, and the OSU Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2009. In 2012, he was appointed as Distinguished Professor of the College of Medicine, and in 2013 the Board of Trustees conferred the title of Distinguished University Professor upon Dr. Nelson.

December 8, 2014: Darlene Berryman, PhD, RD, LD: Fit but Fat: The 'Huge' Impact of Growth Hormone on Adipose Tissue


March 9, 2015: Gerardine Botte, Ph.D.: On the Electrolysis of Urea: From Water Remediation to Biomedical Devices

April 13, 2015: Mario J. Grijalva, Ph.D.: Team Science Approaches to Find Long Term Solution to Chagas Disease Control

Dr. Mario J. Grijalva, Ph.D. is the Director of Tropical Disease Institute at Ohio University and a Professor in the department of Biomedical Sciences in the Heritage College.
Dr. Grijalva's research combines the study of the biology and epidemiology of Chagas disease in Ecuador with the study of the sociological factors that perpetuate the presence of the disease in rural areas of South America. This multidisciplinary approach provides a holistic understanding of health and disease as they coexist in the real world. The resulting knowledge can be translated into operational research to design and test the effectiveness of innovative control interventions.

Activities related to these research areas take place both in his laboratory at Ohio University, Athens, OH, and at the Center for Infectious and Chronic Disease Research at Catholic University, Quito, Ecuador.