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This online resource is for graduate directors, deans, chairs and administrators. Please submit your suggestions for improvements here.

The Graduate Directors' Primer is a brief booklet which explains many of the policies and procedures all Graduate Chairs should be familiar with. The Graduate College Handbook, in combination with the Graduate Catalog, should be used as the definitive source for current policies and procedures. 

GRADS:  Graduate Review and Admission Decision System Link:

Slides from 8/18/16 Graduate Directors Meeting

Graduate Admissions and Graduate Appointments Training

  1. Graduate Review and Admission Decision System (GRADS) Manual
  2. Graduate Review & Admission Decision System (GRADS) Faculty Reviewer (Committee Member Access)
  3. PeopleSoft Admission Inquiry
  4. OGA Training Manual
  5. Graduate Recruitment Brochure (electronic version). To request print copies, please contact Roxanne Malé-Brune

Contacting Graduate Directors

  • If you have notifications or need to email all graduate directors, please contact the Graduate College.

    Please submit updates to this list here.

Presentations from Graduate Chair's Meeting, 8-22-2013 (PDF files):

OBIEE Access Request
OBIEE Grad College Handout
OBIEE Grad College Slides
OBIEE Registrar Handout
OBIEE Registrar Slides
State of the Graduate College

AY13/14 Domestic Minority Recruitment/Retention Funding Opportunities

Q2S Information

Graduate Program/Director Forms

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