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Upload Supplemental Application Materials

Please read these instructions before you upload any documents.

  • You must have an activated OHIO ID in order to use this upload portal. Your OHIO ID is your first and last initial followed by six digits and "@ohio.edu". 
    • If you have not activated your OHIO ID, refer to the instructions in the Graduate Application Acknowledgement letter that was emailed to you shortly after you submitted your application or activate your OHIO ID here: http://www.ohio.edu/myid.
    • Once your OHIO ID has been activated, you can use the link below to access an upload portal.
    • If you require technical assistance with activating your OHIO ID, please call 740.593.1222.

Do not use this portal to provide copies of materials you have already submitted.

  • If you uploaded documents with your online application, please do not upload copies of the same documents here. Your Student Center To Do List may contain "missing items" that have already been received by the Graduate College. Please allow up to 14 business days for your documents to be processed and your Student Center to be updated.
  • If you submit your documents more than one time to the Graduate College, the application review process will be delayed.
  • Once you submit documents, it may take 15 business days or more for the Student To Do items in your Student Center to be removed from your To Do List.
  • If you have activated your OHIO ID and the system will not allow you to login to the upload portal, please email morrisk@ohio.edu.

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