Graduate Council Committees

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  Role and Composition

Graduate Council Committee Membership, 2015-2016

Recruitment and Admission Requirements:
Gursel Suer (Chair) Industrial and Systems Engineering
Austin Babrow Communication Studies
Ann Paulins Patton College of Education
Andrea Frohne Interdisciplinary Arts
Geoffrey Dabelko Voinovich School
Liudmila Pstun Graduate Student Senate
Tim Anderson (Chair) Psychology
Sonsoles De Lacalle Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Anirudh Ruhil Voinovich School
Jennifer Horner College of Health and Human Services
Michelle Ferrier Scripps College of Communication
Graduate Student Affairs and Fellowships:
Jody Lamb (Chair) College of Fine Arts
Brian McCarthy College of Arts and Sciences
Erik Ramsey Theater
Gaurav Sinha Geography
Planning and Strategy:
Krisanna Machtmes (Chair) Educational Studies
Janet Hulm University Libraries
Vladimir Marchenkov Interdisciplinary Arts
Jundong Liu Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
TBA Graduate Student Senate  
Policies and Regulations:
Martin Mohlenkamp (Chair) Mathematics
Bose Maposa Center for International Studies
Shawn Ostermann Russ College of Engineering
Carl Smith Graduate Student Senate
Emilia Alonso-Sameno Modern Languages