Housing Options for Fall 2015

Athens offers hundreds of housing options, from uptown apartments and neighborhood houses to larger apartment complexes. Some housing options are available within walking distance of the university.


On-Campus Living

While most residence halls on campus house undergraduate students, there are some that also provide pleasant environments for graduate students. All campus living units are within walking distance to any point on campus or the uptown area of Athens. For information on campus residence halls, visit Ohio University Residential Housing.


Off-Campus Living

Most graduate students live in off-campus apartments or housing. Athens offers hundreds of options, from uptown apartments, to neighborhood houses, to nice apartment complexes. Rent is typically charged per semester (summer, fall, spring) and usually begins around early June. The Office of Off-Campus Living assists students looking to move off campus and can provide information on landlords, leases, utilities and much more. Browse through their list of rentals to find a place that meets your needs.