Graduate Writing and Research Center


The Graduate Writing and Research Center supports the research, writing, and professional development of Ohio University students. We offer long-term thesis and dissertation tutoring, graduate writing groups, specialized workshops, individual tutoring for other large projects and special genres (e.g. journal articles, letters of intent) and more.

How is the GWRC different from the existing Student Writing Center?
The Graduate Writing and Research Center provides graduate and undergraduate students with more in-depth and specialized help than the Student Writing Center. We also provide guidance from professional tutors in writers' disciplines who have experience with specialized genres like theses, dissertations, journal articles, grants, personal statements, job application materials, etc.

The Graduate Writing and Research Center is staffed with graduate student and professional tutors from different colleges on campus who help you work more effectively. All students (graduate and undergraduate) are still encouraged to use the Student Writing Center for daily assignments and term papers that are less than 15 pages.

Can undergraduates use the GWRC?
Yes. Undergraduates are welcome to make appointments in the GWRC if they are working on undergraduate research projects, senior capstone or thesis projects, grants, or graduate school application materials. Please use the Student Writing Center for traditional academic assignments under 15 pages (e.g. term papers).

Can postdocs use the GWRC?
Yes. We began a pilot program in fall, 2017 to make some GWRC resources available to postdocs. Postdocs are welcome to attend any of our workshops or events (although please RSVP) and participate in Graduate Writing Retreats (fees may apply depending on the retreat). Postdocs are also welcome to attend available tutoring sessions as walk-ins. You may bring any academic/professional project to the GWRC and we will try to help you in any way we can. Note that postdocs may not make appointments at this time and are not permitted to use the Student Writing Center.

Is online tutoring available?
Yes, the GWRC does offer online tutoring; however, we encourage you to make a face-to-face appointment with a tutor first if possible. It's much easier to explain your project and get to know your tutor face-to-face. After an initial face-to-face appointment, we've found that the online sessions are much more effective. If you have detailed statistical questions or questions about how to run a procedure in, e.g. SPSS, make a face-to-face appointment.

When you make an online appointment, choose a tutor with "Face-to-face or online" under her/his name and be sure to select the correct drop-down box for "Yes--Meet Online." When it's time for your appointment, log back in to the scheduling system, click on your appointment box, and then click the red "Start or Join Online Consultation" link. Then give the program permission to use your webcam. (The permission request can be found just under your browser's address bar). If you have problems, you can email your tutor from the appointment form to let him or her know that you will be late.

Can I email my paper to the tutor?
The tutors only work during the hours listed on the schedule; therefore, they do not have time to read your paper before/after your scheduled session. We do not provide "email tutoring." Students must attend the session so that the tutor and writer can talk about the project.

Which tutors can I work with?
You may sign up with the tutor that you feel best meets your needs for your particular writing project, regardless of that tutor’s college affiliation. In some cases, we may redirect you to a more appropriate tutor after your initial appointment.

What kinds of projects can I work with in the GWRC?
GWRC tutors work with students on theses and dissertations, journal articles, grants, personal statements, job application materials, and other professional genres encountered in graduate school. We will also work with you on professional presentations. Some tutors also have the expertise to help you with multimedia projects, conference posters, research methods, or statistical analysis. Please see the tutor bios to find a tutor who best meets your needs. For daily writing assignments and term papers (15 pages or less), please make an appointment at the Student Writing Center.

When is the GWRC open and how can I make an appointment?
The GWRC (and SWC) open the second week of classes each semester. We are closed on all University Holidays and on Saturdays. You can set up appointments Monday through Friday and on Sundays depending on tutor availability. Appointments are made online at by using the pulldown menu to select the current GWRC schedule (e.g. GWRC Fall '16).

How can I apply to be a tutor with the GWRC?
These important positions are filled on a rolling basis and based on position and budget availability. Tutors must hold a master’s degree (PhD strongly preferred) and they may not be in their first year of doctoral work. For current students, please send a cover letter, CV, and 10-page professional or academic writing sample to We are only able to accept applications from current students at this time. 

Compensation is $17/hour for 4-8 hours a week. Some hours may be available during summer sessions.

If you have questions, please contact for more information.