Ohio University

Writing Groups

Writing groups are groups of 3-5 students who meet regularly to respond to one another’s writing. The goals of a group are to provide each other with thoughtful, critical, and encouraging readers for our theses/dissertations and to provide accountability so that we keep writing and finish our theses/dissertations.

Along the way we hope to become better writers and better reviewers who also encourage one another and learn about the different writing conventions in our respective fields. Moreover, we hope those in writing groups become good colleagues.

Writing groups typically meet weekly for one hour and are facilitated by a GWRC tutor. Members will read and make comments on another member’s paper before each group meeting. If you are interested in joining a group, we recommend checking with your peers first to see if some of them would like to join your group. If others aren't interested, you're still welcome to contact us and we'll place you in the first available group. Please email us with your name, your college and department, and where you are in the process of writing your thesis and dissertation. Please also familiarize yourself with the “ground rules” below.

Ground Rules: Everyone Reads. Everyone Writes.

  • Everyone reads the writing submission each week, makes comments, and participates in the discussion. If you cannot make the meeting, please send comments to the writer via email.
  • Everyone submits writing and submits it on time when it is his/her turn in the rotation. Writing must be submitted at least 3 days before the meeting so that everyone has time to read.
  • Submit your writing as an attachment emailed to the entire group.
  • You may submit any kind of writing project to the group for review (conference papers, articles, term papers, etc.); however, please remember that the goal of the group is to help you complete your thesis or dissertation. In order to remain a member of the group, you do need to make progress towards completing your thesis or dissertation.
  • You may submit a writing project of any length to the group for review. In some weeks, you may only have a few pages of freewriting to submit. In another week, you may have a 50-page dissertation chapter. Either is fine, just as long as you submit some writing on time.
  • You do not need to submit “good” or “perfect” writing to the group. Submit your writing at whatever stage it’s at when it’s your turn. We promise we will never assume your writing is your best work; the purpose of the group is to keep everyone writing, not to hold out until we have incredibly impressive writing to show the group.
  • Since space in writing groups is limited, we want to create groups that will be supportive and useful for all participants, so it will remain important that each person is contributing to the group at each meeting.

To sign up for a Writing Group, please contact us at gwrc@ohio.edu for more information.