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You are welcome to make an appointment with any tutor and are not restricted to working with a tutor from your college. The bios below are provided to help you find the best tutor for your project. If you have statistics questions, make an appointment with Michael.

Nigel Daniels, PhD

Nigel earned his doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Newcastle University, United Kingdom in 2010 studying renal dysregulation of salt balance at a molecular level as a possible cause of hypertension. Since then, he has held positions as medical center support staff, laboratory technician, and postdoctoral fellow with a focus on cellular and mouse model studies of type 2 diabetes. As a postdoctoral fellow studying metabolic diseases at Ohio University, he has authored research articles published in the scientific journals Endocrine and PLoS ONE. He has authored and presented research posters at several international biomedical research conferences. Nigel has also enjoyed mentoring domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students during laboratory research projects including advising on their presentation of their work. Nigel is also the Associate Director of the GWRC.

Polina Decker, PhD

Polina holds a BA in Comparative Literature and Spanish from Yale and a PhD in Hispanic Studies from Brown. Her dissertation examined the early work of Jorge Luis Borges in a comparative framework. Bilingual in English and Russian and fluent in Spanish, she has held research positions in Latin American Studies and has taught language and literature courses at the university level; she has also taught a Humanities Seminar at Bard College. Polina's most recent translation work appears in The Paris Review. She has extensive writing center experience and specializes in mentoring theses and dissertations in the Humanities, advising students on personal statements and job search materials, and offering feedback on articles in preparation for publication or presentation.

Don Dudding, PhD

Don completed his PhD in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition in 2009. He is co-director of Ohio University's Appalachian Writing Project. He retired from teaching high school English and Language Arts after 30 years in the classroom. Don has a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and a BS in Journalism. His interests include writing and performing folk music.

Jill Manoukian

Jill is currently a PhD student in English Rhetoric & Composition at Ohio University. She has an MA in English with an emphasis in TESL from IUPU and a BS in architectural studies. Previously, she worked as an English instructor at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE, wrote a weekly column for a Jordanian newspaper, and worked as a Research and Development officer in Beirut, Lebanon. She speaks a little Arabic (Shami) and enjoys learning about other cultures. Her research interests include refugee literacy development, the impact of cultural values on dispositional value in transfer theory, discourse analysis of metaphors and politeness theory in media discourse, cross-cultural (mis)communication, voice, and the impact of the material environment on writing.

Talinn Phillips, PhD

Talinn holds a doctorate in English Rhetoric & Composition and directs the GWRC. She specializes in working with multilingual writers and in working on personal statements/statements of purpose, theses/dissertations, and grant applications. She recently published a co-edited collection, Supporting Graduate Student Writers: Research, Curriculum, and Program Design with University of Michigan Press. Talinn enjoys working with writers from all fields.

Michael Senteney

Michael is a PhD student in Educational Research and Evaluation (EDRE) at Ohio University. He holds a master’s degree in financial economics and a bachelor’s degree in computer science. His areas of research include Monte Carlo simulation, structural equation modeling, statistics, and applications of research methods. He has worked as a statistics and methods tutor in the Patton College of Education for the past two years and has several published articles in various disciplines.

Farzaneh Vahabi

Farzaneh is a PhD student in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) at Ohio University. She holds a master’s degree in Linguistics and a master’s degree in English literature. Her research is focused on cognitive and language impairments in school-age children and adolescents with neuro-developmental language disorders. Farzaneh’s native language is Persian (Farsi). She has taught college writing courses to international students and mentored many on their various writing projects at Ohio University. She enjoys mentoring students on their presentation skills and writing projects, such as personal statements, academic journals, grant proposals, and reports. She has previously tutored in the ELIP writing center and the Student Writing Center.

Yi-Ting Wang

Yi-Ting holds an MA from National Taiwan University. She was a Fulbright scholar and her doctoral work at Duke University was on transatlantic literature in the long 18th century. She is also an alumna of the School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University. She has published two book-length translations from English to Chinese, a classic feminist theory textbook, Sexual/Textual Politics, and a New York Times Bestseller, The Big Fat Surprise. Through her translation and editing work, she has extensive experience with academic writing in various disciplines. She has taught first-year writing courses, and she understands very well the issues that non-native English speakers often have with academic writing. She is bilingual and can conduct sessions in English and Mandarin Chinese. 

Bob West, PhD

Bob completed his doctorate in Instructional Technology in the Patton College of Education. A retired public school teacher, Bob has extensive experience in elementary, post secondary, and adult education with an emphasis on implementing technology into classrooms. Bob's dissertation on Teacher Self-Efficacy used mixed methods.