Ohio University

Thesis/Dissertation Tutoring


Students who are writing theses or dissertations may find it helpful to meet with one tutor on a regular basis. For these students, the GWRC will arrange weekly appointments of one or two hours for the duration of the semester.

Writers are limited to two semesters of thesis/dissertation tutoring for each degree. Writers must use the thesis/dissertation appointments to work on the thesis/dissertation itself. While we realize that conference papers, presentations, journal articles, grants, etc. are closely tied to the thesis/dissertation process, these appointments are in high demand and exist to help you meet your degree requirements. You are welcome to work with tutors on these related projects but you will need to make an additional appointment as part of the regular scheduling process.

To be eligible for thesis or dissertation tutoring, a writer must actually be working on a thesis or dissertation. Then please email us at gwrc@ohio.edu with your name, college and department, and a one-page description of your thesis/dissertation that includes where you are in the writing process. Please also tell us if you have a preferred tutor.

For other writing projects please make a regular appointment at the GWRC or at the Student Writing Center.