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This online resource is for graduate directors, deans, chairs and administrators. To offer suggestions or improvements, please email graduate@ohio.edu.

 The Graduate College Handbook, in combination with the Graduate Catalog, should be used as the definitive source for current policies and procedures. 

GRADS:  Graduate Review and Admission Decision System Link.

Graduate Admissions and Graduate Appointments Training

  1. Graduate Review and Admission Decision System (GRADS) Manual
  2. Graduate Review & Admission Decision System (GRADS) Faculty Reviewer (Committee Member Access)
  3. For OGA Training, please contact the Graduate College

Contacting Graduate Directors

  • If you have notifications or need to email all graduate directors, please contact the Graduate College.

    Please submit updates to this list when necessary.

Data Warehouse/Dashboard Information

OBIEE Access Request
OBIEE Grad College Handout
OBIEE Registrar Handout
OBIEE Registrar Slides

Graduate Program/Director Forms

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