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This online resource is for graduate directors, deans, chairs and administrators. To offer suggestions or improvements, please email graduate@ohio.edu.

 The Graduate College Handbook, in combination with the Graduate Catalog, should be used as the definitive source for current policies and procedures. 

GRADS:  Graduate Review and Admission Decision System Link.

Grad Directors Meeting (08/22/2019): Slide deck

Graduate Admissions and Graduate Appointments Training

  1. Graduate Review and Admission Decision System (GRADS) Manual
  2. For Online Graduate Appointment (OGA) training, please contact Lisa Poston by email at postonl@ohio.edu

Contacting Graduate Directors

  • If you have notifications or need to email the graduate directors, please contact the Graduate College.

To update the Graduate College contact lists (GRADS access list, OGA access list, general communication list, etc.), please complete the Graduate Program Director Update Form and return the completed form to Becky Bushey-Miller at millerb3@ohio.edu.

Data Warehouse/Dashboard Information

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