Add Graduate Calendar to

Add the Graduate College calendar to your MYOHIO portal:

Go to the URL

Login with your OHIO ID and password.
Your OHIO ID is the first two letters and six numbers of your email address.
Do NOT type or it will not allow you to login.

In MyOHIO, the 'HOME' tab in the top menu will have a pull-down bar below it labeled 'CUSTOMIZE'.
Click on 'CUSTOMIZE'.

The 'CUSTOMIZE' pull-down defaults to 'ADD STUFF'.
After it loads, type 'graduate' in the white bar which displays the words 'Search for stuff'.
Or scroll down with the green arrows until you see the Graduate College Calendar button (shown below).

After you click on the Graduate College Calendar button, a small green tab with the word 'ADD' will appear on the upper right of the box.
Click on the word 'ADD' and the calendar will become part of your MyOHIO page.

Below is an example of how your calendar will look.
View options are located just below the header, listed as DAY | WEEK | MONTH.
Clicking on the 'MONTH' option will display the greatest number of upcoming events.