What is TAD Services?

What is TAD Services?

Thesis and Dissertation (TAD) Services is a part of the Graduate College and processes all theses and dissertations for Ohio University graduate students. TAD Services assists students in meeting formatting requirements for publication, by reviewing theses and dissertations and granting final approval, as well as providing instructions for completing the final steps required for publication and graduation.

For more information on the TAD process, please see the TAD Process Checklist.

In the Fall and Spring semesters,  TAD Services offers workshops for those who want additional assistance using Microsoft Word to meet formatting requirements, formatting tables and figures into a Word document, and understanding the requirements for graduation. 

For more information on TAD workshops, please see the latest workshop schedule under Valuable Information on the TAD homepage.

What are the formatting requirements for theses and dissertations?

All theses and dissertations must adhere to the minimum requirements outlined here.

Where are theses and dissertations published?

The Ohio Department of Education maintains our local repository for electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) in Ohio. This repository is an open access website called the OhioLINK ETD Center and currently has over 20,000 ETDs from Ohio universities. ProQuest (Dissertation Abstracts) is a second repository used by most universities throughout the United States and includes many other theses and dissertations from around the world. Ohio University publishes all dissertations in the ProQuest repository as well. ETDs are viewed as a way to allow students and universities to gain greater access to research and to obtain cost savings and flexibility. At Ohio University, all documents filed electronically can be found at OhioLINK and also through the Alden Library ALICE Catalog.