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Thesis and Dissertation (TAD) Services

Welcome! The Office of Thesis and Dissertation Services is here to assist masters and doctoral students in the final steps of degree completion as they prepare their formal, written documents for publication.

The following documents provide guidance through the TAD process:

The video below describes the TAD Process and covers the basic process from approval of the thesis or dissertation proposal to graduation.



Valuable Information

Important information about Thesis and Dissertation deadlines in keeping with the university’s response to COVID-19
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TAD Deadlines Fall 2019-Summer 2020

TAD Deadlines Fall 2020-Summer 2021

TAD Workshops Fall 2020-Spring 2021
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Whom we serve:

For many advanced degrees at Ohio University, the master's thesis or doctoral dissertation is a requirement. Nearly the entire TAD process can be completed online. This website houses all of the resources needed to meet Ohio University's publication requirements and complete the final steps before graduation.

Students completing their degrees through research papers or other capstone projects may not be bound to the deadlines and guidelines on this site. If there are any questions, please verify deadlines and requirements with your department or college. TAD Services is unable to assist students completing research papers or projects with formatting or technical issues.

Writing Resources for Ohio University Students

Online Research Databases

Graduation Requirements

  • Apply for graduation by the published deadline.
  • Be enrolled in thesis (6950) or dissertation (8950) hours.
  • Complete all other course requirements.
  • Earn an accumulated GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Meet all TAD deadlines for format reviews, publication, and form submission.

Contact Information

For technical assistance or questions regarding formatting or graduation requirements:

email tad@ohio.edu or call 740-597-2770

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