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Graduate College Named Fellowships

2019-2020 Nominations are due on Friday, February 8, 2019 by 5 P.M.

Each year, Ohio University Graduate College funds five Named Fellowships. The fellowships are awarded through a competitive nomination basis. Each award provides a fellowship of $15,000, plus a full tuition scholarship for fall and spring semesters.

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2019-2020 by emailing namedfellows@ohio.edu

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Project Plan Examples:    

2018-19 Named Fellowship Recipients

Fellowship Image Recipient
The John Cady Graduate Fellowship:

Alexander Lovelace
Ph.D., History
Project Title: Total Coverage: How Media Shaped Command Decisions during WWII

The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship:

Anthony Gilbert
Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Project Title: Evolutionary Responses to Global Climate Change in Desert Reptiles

The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship:

Nicole Hudak
Ph.D., Communication Studies
Project Title: Communicating a LGBTQ Friendly Healthcare Space

The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship:

Inna Tsyrlin
M.F.A., Playwriting
Project Title: Stitched with a Sickle and a Hammer

Graduate College Fellowship:

Xueying Ko
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
Project Title: Molecular Simulations to Study Adsorption and Self-assembly of Corrosion Inhibitors on Metal-Water Interfaces

2017-18 Named Fellowship Recipients


  • The John Cady Graduate Fellowship: Michelle Pretotius - Ph.D., English
  • The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship: Mary Gemmel - Ph.D., Biological Sciences
  • The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship: Katy A. Ross - Ph.D., Communication Studies
  • The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship: Brian MacNeel - M.F.A., Film
  • Graduate College Fellowship: Clarissa Bunch - M.Ed., Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

2016-17 Named Fellowship Recipients


  • The John Cady Graduate Fellowship: M. Renee Benham - Ph.D., English Victorian Literature
  • The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship: Kiran Prasai - Ph.D., Physics and Astronomy
  • The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship: Mitchell D. Smith - Ph.D., History
  • The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship: Rachel Bykowski - M.F.A., Playwriting
  • Graduate College Fellowship: Nicholas Tomeo - Ph.D., Environmental and Plant Biology

2015-16 Named Fellowship Recipients


  • The John Cady Graduate Fellowship: Maggie Messitt - Ph.D., Creative Writing-Nonfiction
  • The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship: Ashley Howell - Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
  • The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship: Justin Rudnick - Ph.D., Communication Studies
  • The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship: Tyler JC Whidden - M.F.A., Playwriting
  • Graduate College Fellowship: Melissa Riggs - M.A., Photojournalism