Monitoring Your Application


Application Changes - Now that you have submitted your application, changes or corrections to this application must be emailed to the your Graduate College Student Record Manager based on your citizenship status.

Admit Status - Information about your admission status cannot be disclosed over the telephone or to any third party not specifically designated by you.

MyOHIO Student Center - Instructions for accessing your MyOHIO Student Center are included in the acknowledgement e-mail sent approximately two days after your application is submitted. Within your Student Center, you will see any To Do items for application materials. Each of the To Do items is a hyperlink. When you click on it, you will see details about that item.

While your application is pending, you will see a To Do item that indicates your application is under review. This is our indicator that your application is still in a review pending state. If English is not your native language, you may also see a checklist item that lists the type of admission for which you are eligible based on the current documentation of your English language proficiency.

The application status box on your MyOHIO account will be listed as incomplete until an admission recommendation is received. If the only item on your To Do list is the "application under review" item, you can contact the academic program to which you applied to confirm whether or not your application is complete and ready for review.

You can use your Student Center to monitor receipt of official test scores. They appear under the admission tab.

Processing Time - The Graduate College staff strive to process most application materials within four to six business days after receipt. International academic and financial documents generally will take at least three weeks for full processing. Please allow for processing time before checking on the status of your application.

If you wish to monitor the arrival of mailed documents, we recommend you utilize the tracking services of the company through which documents were sent. All mailed documents should be sent to:

Graduate College
1 Ohio University
220 Research & Technology Center
Athens, OH 45701 USA

Email Communication - The Graduate College relies on email to communicate with you. Maintain and check the e-mail address indicated on your application form throughout the admission process. Notify the Graduate College of any change in e-mail, phone number, or address.

You should receive e-mail when the following occurs:
•   Your application is successfully submitted
•   Your Ohio University account is created, with instructions for logging into MyOHIO
•   Letters of recommendation are submitted via the on-line LOR system
•   There are To Do items pending in your Student Center - on the 10th of the month
•   An admission decision is processed by the Graduate College

Be sure to check your Spam folders for any missing e-mails. If you use a spam fliter or blocker, set it to allow messages from "". Please note, Yahoo routinely blocks e-mails.

Monitoring Letters of Recommendation (on-line only)
You may check the status of your online recommendation(s) by going to clicking here.

Click "Review Your Activity." Login using the same username and password you used to complete your online application. Click on Ohio University - Graduate Admissions. You will see the names of the recommenders using online letters of recommendation and the status.

Modify recommender information (name, e-mail address) - select "Edit this recommender" from the dropdown menu. If you change a recommender, an email will be sent to the new recommender with instructions on how to complete the recommendation. An email will also be sent to the recommender who was removed indicating that you no longer want them to fill out an online letter of recommendation.

Send a reminder email - "Send a reminder" from the drop down menu and click on continue. You will then have an opportunity to add a message to the email that will be sent to the recommender.