Degree-Seeking International

Admission Eligibility - Admission to graduate study requires a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or foreign institution with a degree that is equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree.
Application Form – The on-line application is strongly encouraged. Submitting a paper application will significantly increase the application processing time and delay submission of materials to the academic department for review. The on-line application will show you any available terms for the program you select. If a term is not listed, applications are not currently being accepted by that program.

** PDF documents are strongly preferred.  Click here for instructions on how to convert documents to PDF.

Transcripts, Diploma, and Degree Certificate – You must submit one transcript from each post-secondary institution attended, regardless of whether or not a degree was earned or the credits are reflected on a separate transcript as transfer credit. If documents are not in English, also provide a certified English translation of each document. Translations certified by the degree granting university are considered official. Third party translations are not considered official. Failure to provide all academic documents will result in delays in processing your application materials.

Please upload copies of academic transcripts (and diploma/degree certification, if applicable) with your application. If you have previously attended or are currently attending Ohio University, you must indicate this on your applciation. Your OHIO transcripts will be obtained by the Graduate College on your behalf.

Some academic programs will also require official transcripts be submitted as part of the initial application. This information is noted in the program information wihtin the on-line application.

Summary documents listing only classes passed are not sufficient. The transcript/mark sheets must show all course attempts with grades earned.

You will need to provide official transcripts and academic documents as described below if you are recommended for admission.

To be considered official, all documents must be official or attested (stamped and signed) by the Registrar or equivalent office, and submitted in envelopes sealed by the issuing institution if possible. Transcripts from US or Canadian institutions must arrive in envelopes sealed by the issuing institution or from an institution’s official electronic transcript service.

Transcripts from non-U.S. institutions must:

•   Bear the seal and original signature of the school and school official
•   Clearly show the name and address of the institution
•   Show the date you entered and left the institution and the date any degree was earned
•   Show all courses taken and grades received and the system of grading used, indicating the highest mark and the lowest passing mark.

Applicants from India: You must submit all marksheets received at the end of each semester or annual examination, certified either by the Principal of the College or the Registrar of the degree granting university. The consolidated transcript generated at the end of the program is not sufficient by itself.

Applicants from India: Click here to view a video about the documents required for admission.

Applicants from China: Click here to view a video about the documents required for admission.

Diploma and/or Degree Certificate - If the transcript/mark sheet does not name the degree and date earned, you must submit a Registrar (or equivalent office) certified or attested copy of the degree diploma and/or degree certificate. Chinese students must submit both the Degree Certificate and the Certificate of Graduation.

Tests (Ohio University institution code is 1593) -- Check the application requirements of the program to which you are applying to determine which, if any, tests may be required or recommended. Required test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to the Graduate College, but you can upload a copy of your student score to the electronic application for the purposes of initial application review.

Letters of Recommendation - The on-line application incorporates a secure on-line letter of recommendation system. You will need to provide the e-mail address of each of your recommenders if you wish to use the on-line recommendation system. Recommendations submitted through the on-line system should come from the recommender’s professional or business e-mail account rather than a personal e-mail account (e.g., not Please check with your intended recommenders prior to listing them on your application to confirm their willingness to provide a recommendation on your behalf.

Recommenders should be people who are familiar with your academic abilities and/or profession and academic interests, and who can comment on your ability to be successful in a graduate degree program. Check the academic program requirements for the number of recommendations required and any restrictions on who should provide letters of recommendation.

Supplemental material - Each academic program sets its own application requirements. Please review the program’s website for information about what materials are required/recommended, as well as content, format, and length of writing samples, personal statements, etc. You will find a summary on the Graduate College website at If the information is not located here, please check directly with the academic program. Please limit supplemental materials to only those documents requested by the academic program or the Graduate College.

Supplemental materials can be uploaded directly to your electronic application. They must be in either PDF or DOC format (not DOCX). Please do not mail copies of materials that you upload.

English Proficiency - Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency as described in the Graduate Catalog Application and Admission section and the English Proficiency Requirements section of this website.

Financial Documents - All admitted international students are required to submit an Ohio University Financial Support Form and official bank documentation. The documents are not required as part of your application, but it is acceptable to submit evidence of financial support with your application materials.

Application Checklist

•   Complete Application form
•   Appropriate Application fee
•   One transcript or set of marksheets from each institution attended*
•   One copy diploma/degree certificate*
•   Certified English translations of academic documents not in English*
•   Official test scores*
•   Letters of Recommendation
•   One transcript or set of marksheets from each institution attended
•   Résumé or CV*
•   Departmental supplemental material (e.g., portfolio, writing sample, personal statement)*
•   Copy of Passport ID page*
•   Copy of any currently-held visa*

*Copies of all documents should be uploaded with your on-line application.

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