Upload Supplemental Application Materials

If you need to submit additional documents to the Graduate College for admission purposes, please use the upload tool below.


  • Make sure you include your name, your document type (Resume, Personal Statement, Unofficial Transcript*, etc.), your email as well as the program to which you are applying. * Options for submitting official transcripts are outlined here.
  • Transcripts received via this form are considered unofficial.
  • Please do not resubmit items uploaded when the application was submitted. Documents previously submitted as attachments with your application will take 7-10 business days to be processed and clear checklist items.
  • This tool submits your document to a manual process.
    • Each document is processed in the order in which it is received, but it may take several days before your submitted file appears as received in your student center depending on the type of document submitted.
    • If, after 10 business days, you have not noticed an update to your student center, please contact us.
  • If you have not applied to be admitted, please do not use this upload tool. Applications must be submitted before documents will be accepted.
  • You must follow the required naming convention:
               YourName_DocumentType (e.g. JaneDoe_Transcript.pdf)
    • Only PDF and DOCX files are acceptable.
  • Documents which cannot be mapped to an application will be destroyed, so please name them correctly and provide the requested email