Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award

Established in 1972, the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award recognizes an OHIO professor who has demonstrated exemplary performance as an instructor, researcher, and faculty member. The award is bestowed annually with the recipient formally announced at the Graduate Commencement ceremony held each spring.

Members of Graduate Student Senate's Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award Committee review all nominations and determine the winner. The faculty member who is selected for the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award will receive a certificate and will have the honor of speaking at the Graduate Commencement ceremony at the conclusion of the following academic year.

2019 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award Recipient and 2020 Graduate Commencement Speaker: Dr. David Nguyen, Assistant Professor, Counseling & Higher Education.  

2020 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award Recipient and 2021 Graduate Commencement Speaker: Dr. Susan Williams, Professor of Anatomy, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

2021 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award Recipient and 2022 Graduate Commencement Speaker:

2022 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award Recipient and 2023 Graduate Commencement Speaker:


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2020 Recipient Dr. Susan Williams

Interim Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Anatomy, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine


2019 Recipient David Nguyen

Assistant Professor, Counseling & Higher Education


Michael Sweeney
2018 Recipient Michael Sweeney

Associate Director for Graduate Studies, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism


Devika Chawla
2017 Recipient Devika Chawla

Professor, School of Communication Studies


Risa Whitsun
2016 Recipient Risa Whitson

Associate Professor and Curriculum Chair, Geography


Thomas Vander Ven
2015 Recipient Thomas Vander Ven

Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies, Sociology & Anthropology 


Aimee Edmondson
2014 Recipient Aimee Edmondson

Associate Professor E.W School of Journalism and Director for Graduate Studies


J. Eungha Ryu
2013 Recipient J. Eungha Ryu

Professor of Public Policy and Administration, Political Science


2012 Recipient Duane McDiarmid

Professor of Sculpture + Expanded Practice and Area Chair


Greg Kessler
2011 Recipient Greg Kessler

Director of the Language Resource Center and Associate Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning, Linguistics 



2010 - Lynn Harter, School of Communication Studies 

2009 – Patricia Ann Weitsman, Political Science

2008 - Julie Owens, Psychology

2007 – Valerie Martin Conley, Counseling and Higher Education

2006 - Chester J. Pach, Jr. , History

2005 - Dan Modaff, Communication Studies

2004 - Morgan Vis-Chiasson, Environmental and Plant Biology

2003 – Douglas Bolon, Social and Public Health

2002 – Mary Beth Krouse, Sociology

2001 - Claudia Hale, Communication Studies 

2000 - SK Jain, Mathematics 

1999 - Martin Schwartz, Sociology and Anthropology

1998 - No Award

1997 – Martin Schwartz, Sociology and Anthropology

1996 – Gary Small, Chemistry

1995 – Joseph Rota, Telecommunications

1994 – Irwin Ungar, Environment and Plant Biology

1993 – Jenny L. Nelson, Telecommunications

1992 – Algis Mickunas, Philosophy

1991 – Gar W. Rothwell, Environment and Plant Biology

1990 – Patrick Washburn, Journalism

1989 – Drew McDaniel, Telecommunications

1988 – Dwight A. Pugh, Finance

1987 – Janis Holm, English

1986 - Sue DeWine, Organizational Communication

1985 - Eric A Wagner, Visual Communication

1984 – David Heaton, English 

1983 - Mark L. Weinberg, Political Science

1982 - Drew McDaniel, R-TV director and professor

1981 – Shirley Slater, Home Economics

1980 – Rajinder Koshal, Economics

1979 – Felix Gagliano, Political Science, International Studies

1978 – Moid U Ahmad, Geology 

1977 – Alan Booth, Political Science

1976 – Hugh Culbertson, Journalism

1975 – Robert De Mott, English

1974 – Richard F. Whitman, Interpersonal Communication

1973 – Warren Wistendahl, Botany