GSS in the News

Graduate Student Senate discusses upcoming conference, new health insurance payment (February 2021)

GSS discusses needs of Academic and Global Communication Program, Cats’ Cupboard (February 2021)

Graduate Student Senate, Shaffer discuss revenue impact at Ohio University (October 2020)

Graduate Student Senate delays executive elections (January 2020)

Ohio U alumnus, former GSS president makes run for congressional seat (November 2019)

Graduate Student Senate sets deadline for key committee formation (October 2019)

Graduate Student Senate votes to amend its constitution (October 2019)

Graduate Student Senate reaffirms its independence from Student Senate (September 2019)

UPDATE: Graduate Student Senate certifies Dareen Tadros as president-elect, after appeal from rival candidate (April 2019)

The five Ohio University senates and how they cooperate (March 2019)

Graduate Student Senate discusses potential increases in student health insurance rates (Feb 2019)

Graduate Student Senate asserts its independence from Student Senate (Jan 2019)

Graduate Student Senate splits from Student Senate (Dec 2018)

Graduate Student Senate approves resolution to make amendments to language in GSS constitution (November 2018)

Graduate Student Senate takes steps to separate from Student Senate (November 2018)

Graduate Student Senate to provide feedback to proposed Title IX regulations (November 2018)

Here’s how Graduate Student Senate will help feed the hungry (October 2018)

Athens News (6-26-2016)   University begins its presidential search in earnest  

Athens News (6-26-2016)   Trustees OK $620K to design Sook Center: Study facility for student-athletes spurs local criticism 

The Post (11-12-2015)  Ohio University President McDavis addresses general fee concerns in special Graduate Student Senate meeting 

AthensNEWS (11-08-2015)   McDavis to address Graduate Student Senate regarding general fee issues 

AthensNEWS (10-28-2015)   Student unionization effort extends to call center staff 

AthensNEWS (10-25-2015) Students protest in Cutler Hall during OU Prez’s office hours 

AthensNEWS (10-21-2015)   OU Grad Senate: Boycott coming if president doesn’t attend meeting 

The New Political (10-19-2015)   Graduate Student Senate votes to boycott university committees over General Fee 

The Post (10-19-2015)  Graduate Student Senate moves forward with boycott resolution 

Huffington Post (10-13-2015)  Article:    College Football Is Stealing Your Education  

The Post (10-13-2015)   Ohio University RAs continue effort, inspire others to unionize 

The Post (10-07-2015)   Graduate student workers advocate for higher stipend, living wage 

The Post (10-05-2015)  Letter: Ohio University graduate student responds to dean of Graduate College’s Op-Ed 

The Post (09-30-2015)  Op-Ed: Ohio University graduate students have a 'critical role' at the school 

Voinovich (09-30-2015)  MSES student awarded Graduate Student Senate travel grant 

The Post (09-21-2015)  Graduate Student Senate considers boycott of presidential committees 

AthensNEWS (09-13-2015)  Grad students protest before Peden during football game 

The Post (09-13-2015)  Article:    OU graduate students protest general fee, wages outside of Peden  

AthensNEWS (09-02-2015)   Opinion: OU graduate students fed up with being poor 

The Athens Messenger (08-08-2015)   Ohio issuing cost-of-attendance addition to athletes 

AthensNEWS (04-29-2015)   OU's $27M athletics budget subsidized by $16M in student general fees 

The Post (04-27-2015)  Graduate students will not see a decrease in the general fee 

The Post (03-23-2015)  GSS wants to waive parts of graduate students' general fees