Travel By Astrology

Farah Chidac
March 29, 2021

So, you've decided you need to get away- and you need to get away fast! Where do you go? Perhaps your zodiac sign can give you a bit of insight on where the best locations for you to go may be. Whether you are a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) who loves the rush of adrenaline, an air sign (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) who enjoys social activities, an earth sign (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) who needs stability throughout your adventures or a water sign (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) who craves an escape, there is an enticing get-away location for every zodiac sign!


Aries, you are ruled by the element of fire, meaning you are active, energetic and courageous. Aries are open to change and new experiences which is why many of you are likely to travel solo. As the first sign of the zodiac, you are children at heart who live for excitement and are always ready for a new adventure. This is why Bangkok, Thailand is the perfect place for you. This charming city welcomes you with a warm climate year-round and will never stop impressing you with its coexistence of attractions, diversity, and colors. You will be able to try delicious foods that you never thought you would eat, enjoy a boat ride through floating markets, hike all day long, marvel at the Buddhist temples and discover the hidden beaches that Thailand has to offer. Thailand is the perfect playground for an Aries.  


As a Taurus who is ruled by the element of earth, you enjoy the finer things in life and can be resistant to change. The first step to overcoming any resistance is awareness of the fact that any fears that are connected to change are only temporary. Perhaps a Taurus should consider traveling for a longer period of time, so they have time to adjust to their new location and really take in all that the culture has to offer. As a Taurus, you love places that allow you to enjoy different sights and sounds, with lots of history and delicious pasta. What better place to go to than the romantic city of Florence, Italy? You can spend your days engaging with the history of various neighboring cities, taking in beautiful sights and artistic works, and you can shop till you drop…. for the best deals anyway!


Geminis are ruled by the element of air so they can have a hard time deciding on things, let alone a travel location. Perhaps Geminis should consider going to a place where there is a lot to see outside and somewhere that stimulates their curiosity. Gemini, you are usually energetic and quick-witted so an extremely culturally diverse city such as London in the UK would be perfect for you! The hustle and bustle of this city will give you plenty of people to talk to, and the eight Royal Parks will allow you to escape the city and fulfill your appreciation for nature. Did I mention Geminis have a knack for history and all things pop culture too? Well, they can quench their thirst for that here as well! London’s mixture of chaos and laid-back energy will undoubtedly satisfy a Gemini’s indecision on where to go and what to do.


As a Cancer, you are known for being emotional and very imaginative because you are ruled by the element of water. Although you arguably love to be at home, you love to explore new places too. The perfect place for a Cancer to feel at home is in Athens, Greece because they will have the chance to let their imagination thrive while being seaside in the home of the Ancient Gods. Quite literally, you can walk in the same footsteps of some of the world’s greatest philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato. Cancers can also fuel their emotions by taking in the breathtaking views that Greece has to offer. From the amazing culture, local shops and farmers markets, to the beautiful black sand beaches, this place will surely inspire a Cancer in more ways than just one. 


Leo, you’re all about passion and radiating cheerfulness. You crave all things glamorous and likely don’t mind being in the spotlight which explains why you prefer traveling to places that bring out your sense of self-expression. Leos are ruled by the element of fire, so they also prefer someplace where artistry is included in the cultural landscape. I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself… “Sounds like Paris!” That’s right, Leo would fit right in with the romantic vibrancy of Paris, France. This beautiful city is full of art, delicious food, fashion and of course, passion. Paris is the perfect location for Leos to welcome inspiration and feel content with their lives – hopefully, all while eating as many crepes as they please. Not only does the Eiffel Tower make for a flawless picnic spot but it is also the perfect backdrop to a picture-perfect photo. I’m looking at you, Leo!


Virgos are known for being practical and incredibly hard-working people which makes sense since they are ruled by the element of earth. If anyone needs a relaxing getaway, it’s you, Virgo! Maybe it is time for you to take a breather and put your toes in the sand on a beach somewhere. How does island-living in Suva, Fiji sound? You will be sure to fall in love with the tropical beaches just outside the city that are perfect for surfing, snorkeling and taking in the scenic views. You’ll also be likely to enjoy hiking and walking trails in the nearby mountains! Take in the culture of Suva or simply lay back and allow your worries to fade away. Let go of the desire to be connected to WIFI and priorities, disconnect from your troubles, unwind and be happy Virgo, you need it.


Ah, Libra! You are known for being as indecisive as Gemini, if not more, and this is because you are both ruled by the element of air so maybe – hopefully – with the help of a suggestion, Libra will decide once and for all. As a Libra, you have diplomatic qualities that play into your liking to think and communicate your ideas. You are a social butterfly, so it might come as no surprise that you’re drawn to exciting, upbeat and unique cities like Tokyo, Japan. Libra will feel at ease when their kind and helpful nature is reciprocated among Japanese citizens, and they will feel extremely stylish when they pick up the hottest new fashion trends. Tokyo – a city that never sleeps – is not only perfect for Libra’s need for socialization but the country itself fulfills Libra’s need for aesthetic beauty. There are mountains, historic temples and of course, blossoming cherry trees to be admired for their stunning views. You’re always asking for someone to make the decisions for you Libra, so what do you think?


As a Scorpio who is ruled by the element of water, you will need something exciting! You are full of passion and bravery so sometimes you are mistaken for a fire sign but as a water sign, you are also observant, intuitive and creative. You are known for being all about transformation, so traveling to someplace that delivers a feeling of renewal would suit you well. It comes as no surprise that Scorpios want to explore the world as much as they can, so why not travel to a city known for its impressive architecture and medieval walls? You guessed it: Meknes, Morocco awaits you Scorpio! Your ambition and loyalty will lead you down a path of discovery in this inviting and authentic imperial city because there is a lot to see, explore and taste – don’t leave without trying their olives! The diversity of Morocco offers a myriad of opportunities that will appeal to a Scorpio’s explorative side. You can even take a day trip to visit Marrakesh and put your bravery to the test by going camel trekking into the heart of the Sahara Desert. Scorpios are intrigued by all things passionate, and Morocco surely won’t disappoint.


Sagittarius, you are open-minded and free-spirited so your itch to travel and adventure in new places is probably never-ending. Traveling makes you feel free rather than stuck. As a Sagittarius – ruled by the element of fire – you strongly dislike being held back or controlled by anything. Your boundless energy can thrive in unfamiliar places because you have a special talent for embracing new experiences. Who knows, maybe your spontaneous nature will have you on the next flight to somewhere exciting – such as Australia’s Gold Coast – before you know it! The vibrant Gold Coast is the perfect next getaway for a Sagittarius because they love being outside and surrounded by nature. Not only is there the opportunity to snorkel the beautiful ocean reefs and surf or lounge on the beach, but the Gold Coast has some of Queensland’s best national parks to explore and the hinterland mountain ranges to hike. There is so much diversity in activity but when the sun comes down, you can count on seeing a wild Sagittarius amidst all of the nightlife having loads of fun in this bustling city!


As the zodiac sign most known for their hard-work, Capricorns deserve a break. Capricorn, you are practical and ambitious, so it is unlikely that you will settle on just any travel destination; you have your ruling element of earth to thank for that. Rather than settling on just anywhere, you probably want to embark on trips that pose a challenge, hold some kind of importance or meaning and feel immensely rewarding. If we’re talking a bucket-list kind of trip then Shanghai, China is an exciting choice for Capricorns. Shanghai is the largest city and financial capital in China! This city feels ancient and peaceful with its old temples, but it is also cosmopolitan and fast-paced with its record-breaking skyscrapers, perfect for your ambition and drive. Once you stumble upon the remarkable nightlife, you’ll happily discover that this city has the perfect balance of a work-hard/play-hard ethic.


Aquarius, it’s no secret that you love to be intellectually stimulated and this makes sense because you’re ruled by the element of air! With that in mind, it’s likely important for you to travel somewhere that speaks a different language, is edgy, historic and offers so many things to do, so why not pack your bags and head to Berlin, Germany? This metropolitan city is vibrant and dynamic with plenty of history and cultural offerings for Aquarians to delve into, whether that be at one of the countless museums, galleries, opera houses, theaters or elsewhere. This stylish city will certainly spark your creative inspiration and allow you to embrace your individuality freely! You will likely become acquainted with young artists, creators and creatives in the city, allowing you to embrace your appreciation for quirky people. SOS! This fast-paced city awaits your unique self, Aquarius.


It suits you well, Pisces, to pick travel destinations that are near a body of water because you’re ruled by the element of water. It is typical for you to be spiritually focused, so you must go somewhere that allows you to feel united with the natural world. Your gentle and intuitive self can sense tranquility in a relaxing coastal city like Port Elizabeth, South Africa; commonly referred to as the Friendly City or by its initials PE. The Friendly City has several wildlife reserves, beautiful parks and gardens for Pisceans to discover. Simply put, this is paradise for you because you love nature! You can find yourself partaking in any number of ocean sports that this city is popular for, whether that be swimming, surfing, bodysurfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, jet skiing, fishing, boating or scuba diving. The city’s laid-back demeanor will align with yours effortlessly and since you are the dreamy type, you will appreciate the spirituality that engulfs PE. Don’t fret Pisces, the water is going to revive you!

I hope that you learned something about each of these cities and your zodiac signs and that you’ll keep these in mind the next time you are looking into your options for travel destinations.


Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list by all means, this is simply a fun way to get each zodiac sign excited and thinking about traveling abroad.