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Step One: Determine your goals for study abroad

What would you like to accomplish while you're abroad or away? Do you want to…

  • Earn credit to progress towards graduation or take unique classes you may not be able to take at Ohio University?
  • Live with a host family in another country or experience living in a different setting?
  • Gain practical experience in your field?
  • Study a foreign language?
  • Study in a specific location or region of the world?
  • Go away for a short or long period of time?

Thinking through these questions in advance will help you narrow down your options. For more questions to consider as you shape your goals, visit choosing a program.

Step Two: Gather Information

Check out the Office of Global Opportunities website for information about various programs

Meet with a study abroad advisor – Visit the Office of Global Opportunities during walk-in advising hours (10-4 PM Mon-Fri) or make an appointment with an advisor. Your advisor will help you identify programs abroad that are appropriate to your academic needs, personal interests, and budget.

  • Consult with your academic advisor
  • Investigate scholarship opportunities
  • Non-US citizens should consider the entry requirements for their host country and potential visa issues.
  • If time is short, apply for a passport immediately

Step Three: Choose a program and apply

For students applying to an OHIO-Study Abroad or Exchange Program, the application is available online.

Click here for a list of program application deadlines.

Students applying to an affiliate, OIC or Non-OU Program should follow the application instructions listed on the organization's website. If you have questions about applying for any type of program, please consult with your study abroad advisor.

Step Four: Upon acceptance, begin paperwork

The type of paperwork you are required to submit depends upon your program type. See our Forms page for more information, or consult your study abroad advisor. For Ohio University programs, your faculty director or exchange coordinator will facilitate this during orientation.

You should also apply for a passport if you do not already have one, and investigate the entry requirements for your host country.

Step Five: Prepare for your experience

  • Research your host country through literature, film, online newspapers or travel guides
  • Plan to attend Bobcats Abroad, the mandatory pre-departure orientation session presented by the Office of Global Opportunities.
  • For OHIO programs: Attend all orientation sessions given by your director or program coordinator
  • For Non-OHIO programs: Read all information supplied by your program provider
  • Review the Student Handbook

Step Six: Go!