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Choosing a Program

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Here are a few things to consider when selecting an education abroad experience. Meeting with a study abroad advisor can also help you clarify your goals and get a sense of your options.


  • Region of the world -- how far away do you want to go?
    • You can browse programs by location by clicking "Programs" then "Programs by Destination" on the toolbar at the left.
  • Language -- English-speaking or not?
    • You don't have to speak the language to study abroad somewhere. There are plenty of locations that offer courses in English even if the local language isn't English. Check out our exchange programs in Hong Kong or Denmark for example.
  • Level of development -- first world country or developing nation?
    • Study abroad programs in developing nations may be more affordable.

Comfort Level

  • Do you want to go with a group or travel more independently?
    • If you'd prefer to travel with other OHIO students and an OHIO faculty member, select an OHIO program. If you're open to studying abroad with students from other universities in the U.S. without a faculty member present, an affiliate, OIC or Non-Ohio University program may be right for you.
  • When do you want to go abroad? How long do you want to be away -- a week, month or year?
    • If you are limited to studying abroad for a quarter or less during the academic year, OHIO university study abroad programs are likely your best option. If you are open to studying abroad for a semester, check out OHIO exchange programs, affiliate programs or Non-OHIO programs. Summer study abroad programs through Ohio University range in length from two to seven weeks. Programs offered through our affiliates and Non-OHIO providers generally range from four to eight weeks in length.


  • Do you need to earn academic credit?
    • If not, a work, volunteer or intern experience could be right for you.
  • Do you want to fulfill general education requirements?
    • There are a variety of programs with courses that will meet general requirements.
  • Do you need to fulfill a language requirement?
    • There are a few OHIO programs that offer beginning-level language (Leipzig, Germany,Quebec City, Canada, Salzburg, Austria, Odense, Denmark). Programs offered through the OIC, OU affiliates, and third-party providers offer various levels of language study.
  • Would you like to take classes in your major or minor?
    • An advisor can help you find a suitable program

Living Arrangements

  • Do you want to live with a family in a homestay?
  • Would you rather live in a dorm or an apartment?
  • Do you want to live with other Americans or with students from the host culture?
  • Homestays are available on most OHIO language programs and on some affiliate programs. Short-term OHIO programs (less than one quarter) generally stay in hotels. Students on semester-long OHIO exchange programs normally live in either dorms or apartments with students from the host culture.

Financial Considerations

  • Are you dependent upon financial aid to fund your education abroad experience?
    • If so, you may want to consider studying abroad during the academic year. Financial aid works differently during the summer and is generally less plentiful.
  • Do you currently receive Ohio University scholarships?
    • If yes, remember that your OHIO scholarship can only be applied to programs offered through OHIO university, the OIC and its affiliated providers. You may not use OHIO scholarships on non-OHIO programs.