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Virtual Global Experiences

What is a Virtual Global Experience?

Virtual Global Experiences allow you to connect with the world and expand your skillset from wherever you are - no travel required! While these virtual internships, volunteer , and academic experiences are a relatively new phenomenon due to travel restrictions relating to COVID-19, we anticipate that these types of programs will stick around even after the pandemic has passed. They provide access to global learning and network building for you even when you cannot (or perhaps are not interested in) travel.

There are a variety of options for Virtual Global Experiences, including programs and courses at Ohio University and many of our affiliated providers and non-affiliated providers. Many of the provider experiences do not offer credit, but those that do will offer transfer credit that may fulfill requirements you have for your degree. Virtual Global Experiences may also be more flexible and available throughout the year.

  • Funding - During eligible terms AND if you are receiving credit, you may be able to access your OHIO financial aid and scholarship package. NOTE: Most financial aid is NOT available for the summer. Some federal aid can be used/extended (ie. Pell Grants) and some OHIO specific scholarships or stipends may be used if you are receiving credit. You can also apply for study away scholarships, which are open for students participating on Virtual Global Experiences.
  • Credit - Many experiences do not offer credit, but you may have the option to earn transfer credit through some third-party provider programs, such as those offered by our affiliated providers. Transfer credit does not affect your GPA at Ohio University. Some Ohio University courses, including Global COIL initiative courses, provide global engagement while receiving OHIO credit.
  • Terms - Flexible! Since these opportunities do not require you to travel, you may be able to find options year-round (summer, fall semester, winter break, spring semester, or on a rolling basis).

Why should you do a Virtual Global Experience?

There are many different reasons you may want to choose a Virtual Global Experience, including: 

  • They are more affordable than a typical study/intern/volunteer away program. Programs start as low as $1,000. 
  • Virtual experiences are a safe option while we manage the coronavirus pandemic around the world. 
  • The programs are flexible, allowing you to knock out degree requirements without worrying if the experience will be cancelled!  
  • You can develop academic and professional relationships all over the world - jump start your network for future research or for your career, and get a sense of the location before traveling there in the future. 
  • Take classes you are interested in that aren’t offered here at Ohio University, such as Wildcats of Costa Rica, Mediterranean Diet: Fiction and Fact, and Current Topics of Human Rights in Films. 
  • Gain a global perspective from the comfort of your couch. You can build your inter-cultural skills even if you wouldn't normally be able to travel.  
  • Experience telecommuting in a professional environment. A handy skill to have as our work force changes and develops for the future.  
  • No more FOMO - stay connected locally with friends and family, while exploring the world! 


What options are there for Virtual Global Experiences?

There are many new options for Virtual Global Experiences. These include Virtual OHIO Credit Programs, Virtual Exchanges, Global COIL courses, and virtual study abroad and internship opportunities through affiliated and non-affiliated third-party providers. We’ve outlined more information about these different options below. If you have questions or want to talk through your options, contact our office!

Virtual Global Coursework at Ohio University

You can find some Ohio University courses taught right here at home that have virtual global experiences tied into the framework of the course.

Some of these courses are a part of an initiative called Global “COIL” or Collaborative Online International Learning. If you take a Global COIL course, you’ll be able to work on a joint project in the subject matter of the course alongside faculty and students from around the globe. You will expand your global network and gain practical experience working in an inter-cultural setting while gaining OHIO credits. List of current Global COIL courses offered at Ohio University.

Virtual Third-Party Provider Programs

We've curated a short list of Virtual Global Experiences offered by third-party providers. Visit the online/virtual sections of or for more.


APIVirtual Global InternshipInternship
APIInnovation LabOther
AIFSVirtual InternshipsInternship
CEAVirtual InternshipsInternship
CIEEVirtual Global InternshipsInternship
ISAGlobal Remote InternshipsInternship
USACVirtual InternshipInternship

How to participate in a Virtual Global Experience

Given that there are many variations within Virtual Global Experiences, please contact the Office of Global Opportunities