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Language Immersion

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Program Type

OHIO Credit

Academic Focus

Language and Area Studies

Application Deadline

February 1 at 11:59am

For more information, contact:

Dr Molly Morrison
Associate Professor of Italian
Gordy Hall 133
Tel: 740-597-2726 

Cherita King
Senior Program Coordinator
Office of Global Opportunities
WIEC 023
Tel: 740-593-4583 


Italian in Florence is now closed, if you are interested in participating summer 2020 please contact program coordinator Cherita King to discuss further.


Assisi Italy


Complete one year of language requirement in one summer!

The Department of Modern Languages has partnered with Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) to offer students a study abroad opportunity combining academics with hands-on cultural experiences in one of Italy's most beautiful cities.

Students will complete the equivalent to two OHIO semesters of Italian language (offered at beginner and intermediate levels) while immersing themselves in the culture of Italy with overnight excursions and daytrips to Rome, Venice and two other destinations. They will also study Dante's most famous work,  Divine Comedy, in a class taught by Dr. Molly Morrison as Florence is Dante's hometown. 

Courses will be taught at the CEA Global Campus in Florence, located in the famed Piazza della Repubblica, and steps away from the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, and Uffizi Gallery.

“I studied abroad in the Florence, Italy study abroad program for six weeks. I studied abroad in Italy because I’ve always dreamt of going there and it was a perfect program for me because I needed to fulfill my language credit and I also got to learn Italian which was super fun. It was great because I got to bond with everyone that I got to go with and it was such a small group that it allowed us to become closer. The trips we went on were amazing.”

Claire Palo on her study abroad experience.

Living Arrangements 

OHIO student accommodations will be in double, triple or quad rooms in shared apartments located in the historic center of Florence and within walking distance of the CEA Global Campus facilities.

Program Dates 

May 6*- June 20, 2020 (Six weeks)

*Participants must depart by May 5th, to arrive on the 8th


Successful completion of this program will earn 12 credit hours. Students may enroll as Beginners or Intermediate students. See course options below:


  • ITAL 1110 and 1120: Elementary Italian Sequence (8 cr total) 
  • ILML 2902: Italian literature in translation (3 cr)
  • ML 2910: Field Study Abroad (1 cr)


  • Italian 2110 and 2120: Intermediate Italian (6 cr total)
  • ILML 2902: Italian literature in translation (3 cr)
  • ML 2910: Field Study Abroad (3 cr)

Participation in the organized excursions will count towards course grades.

Students must enroll in ML 2497 for the second half of spring semester. This class will include 8 hours of student orientation on the Ohio University campus covering topics such as living in and getting around Florence, and Italian culture and society.

City view of Florence


The program fee for this program includes: Student accommodations, some meals, in-country transportation, excursions (guided with tours), airport transfers, welcome and farewell dinner and international medical health insurance. 

In addition to the program fee, students should plan for 6 credit hours of tuition*, administrative fee, and out-of-pocket costs. Below is the student budget worksheet for this program, which outlines these costs.  

Undergraduate Student Budget Worksheet 2019/2020

Items that are not related to the program (ie. additional entertainment, souvenirs, extra travel, contingency funds) are not included in the cost estimates provided and should be budgeted for separately.  


  • Non-resident surcharge waived for the credit hours associated with this program. 
  • If you are nominated to this program, you will be required to pay a deposit to confirm your participation. The deposit is a down payment on the total costs to be billed by OHIO and is determined by the total cost of the program. 
  • For programs completed over winter-break and spring break, the credit-hours associated with the program are part of the spring semester. Students taking between 12 to 20 Athens campus hours, including those associated with the program, will not incur additional tuition costs for the spring semester. Students taking less than 12 or more than 20 Athens campus credits for the spring term will see their tuition charge adjusted accordingly.  

Looking for Funding Opportunities? 

More information on financial aid and scholarships can be found on our funding pages.

Eligibility & Requirements 

This program is open to all undergraduates with a 2.5 gpa or higher.

Students who will be on probation at any point during the program for a conduct offense that took place less than a calendar year from the program start date may not study abroad.  Click here to read the entire conduct policy 

This program accepts NON-OHIO students. For more information about this process visit the Non-OHIO student page.   

Participants must have a at least a high school diploma or the equivalent (e.g. GED) by the start date of the program to be considered for eligibility.  Students enrolled in College Credit Plus (CC+) are not eligible for study away programs.

Entry and Exit Requirements 

U.S. citizens are required to have a valid U.S. passport when traveling outside of the United States. If you plan to study or travel abroad in the next year,  apply for your passport   now. Some countries also require a visa to legally enter or reside in the country.

U.S. citizens  will not  need a visa or other special document to enter the country for the length of this program. Please also note that visa requirements may vary if you plan to stay in the country longer than the program dates or travel to other countries during or after the program. Please familiarize yourself with these recommendations and requirements prior to applying to this program. 

For more specific visa related information, please visit OGO’s  Visa Information Page 

Information for  Non-U.S. citizens  can be found   here


What Past Participants Say

"The main benefits I recieved would be my independence and my ability to adapt to adverse situations. Through this experience, I learned how to listen to others and take things in as opposed to acting carelessly and impulsively. Being in Italy has helped me grow up in a way that I didn't even know was necessary." - Past participant on benefits from experience abroad.

"With the aid of my teachers, I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone; which was exactly what I was looking for this trip. I was pushed to speak to locals and my classmates in Italian and through that I have come to realize I know more Italian than I thought." - Past participant on the extent they achieved their goals.