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Hungary: Ceramics and Art in Hungary

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Program Type

OHIO Credit

Academic Focus

Art (Visual, Fine, and Performing)

Application Deadline

March 1 at 11:59pm

For more information, contact:

Alex Hibbitt
Program Director
School of Art

Emily Englehart
Global Programs Coordinator
Email: eengleha@ohio.edu


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This program offers the student majoring in art (such as ceramics, painting, sculpture, printmaking, etc) as well as students interested in arts, crafts, history or ceramics an opportunity to work in the premier European ceramics' studio. The location of the program provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about Herrod porcelain, the Royal porcelain works of the Austo-Hungarian Empire founded in 1826. More advanced students will be able to work with the porcelain clay the Herend works uses. 

Students will experience having their work fired in a wood-fired kiln as well as gas and electric.  

For more information please see the College of Fine Arts webpage


Highlights and Excursions 

The International Ceramic Studio is located approximately 80 kilometers south of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Students will travel on the following excursions: 

  • Visit to Applied Art Museum, Budapest - talk and tour by Eva Csenky, curator. 
  • Day trip to  Herend Porcelain  with lunch on the Tihany/Balaton Lake. 
  • Day trip to Szolnay Ceramics Museum, Pecs. 

Living Arrangements 

Housing is on site. There are private well-furnished rooms with bathrooms down the hall. Meal arrangements are up to each student who is responsible for preparing their own food.  The town’s central market is a short 4 block walk away. There is a convenience market/deli a 2 block walk away. There are two new modern euro kitchens that are shared with other residents of the ICS. Each person gets an under-counter refrigerator with a cabinet/pantry above. The kitchens have multiple range tops in a center island. There are three sinks in counter tops in a horseshoe shape along the walls surrounding the center island. Dining tables and chairs are either in the kitchen space or the room next door. Although each individual is responsible for their own meals, usually those in attendance work out a rotation for cooking so that during the residency one or two cook for all the rest 3 or 4 times instead of everyday for one’s self.  Everybody pitches in to clean up. 

Program Dates 

June 23, 2020 - July 18, 2020

Students will need to leave the US by June 22 in order to arrive in Hungary by June 23.  


Undergraduate students will enroll in 12-15 credit hours, while graduate students will enroll in 9-12 credit hours. Courses will be offered at various levels (beginner, intermediate & graduate-level) in the following disciplines: Ceramics and Drawing. A selection of the following courses will be available: 

  • ART 3000J Criticism in the Arts (JComp) 
  • ART 1100 Seeing and Knowing (Tier II) 
  • ART 2210 Ceramics Hand Building 
  • ART 3210 Advanced Ceramics 
  • ART 2900 Special Topics in Art 
  • ART 3900 Special Topics in Art 
  • ART 4900 Special Topics in Art 
  • AH 3900 Special Topics in Art History (Art, Folk Art, and Ceramics in Hungary) 
  • ART 2900/3900 The Sketchbook as a Visual Diary 

Graduate courses available upon request. 


The program fee for this program includes: Student accommodations, airport transfers, excursions, some materials for class, farewell dinner, and international medical health insurance

In addition to the program fee, students should plan for 12 credit hours of tuition*, administrative fee, and out-of-pocket costs. Below is the student budget worksheet for this program, which outlines these costs.  

Undergraduate Student Budget Worksheet 2020 

Graduate Student Budget Worksheet 2020

Items that are not related to the program (ie. additional entertainment, souvenirs, extra travel, contingency funds) are not included in the cost estimates provided and should be budgeted for separately.  


  • Non-resident surcharge waived for the credit hours associated with this program. 
  • If you are nominated to this program, you will be required to pay a deposit to confirm your participation. The deposit is a down payment on the total costs to be billed by OHIO and is determined by the total cost of the program. 

Funding Opportunities 

More information on financial aid and scholarships can be found on our funding pages.

Eligibility and Requirements 

This program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who are in good academic standing. Prerequisites for upper division studio classes are all School of Art Foundation classes or permission of the Program Director. 

Students who will be on probation at any point during the program for a conduct offense that took place less than a calendar year from the program start date may not study abroad.  Click here to read the entire conduct policy 

This program accepts NON-OHIO students. For more information about this process visit the Non-OHIO student page.   

Participants must have a at least a high school diploma or the equivalent (e.g. GED) by the start date of the program to be considered for eligibility.  Students enrolled in College Credit Plus (CC+) are not eligible for study away programs.

Entry and Exit Requirements 

U.S. citizens are required to have a valid U.S. passport when traveling outside of the United States. If you plan to study or travel abroad in the next year,  apply for your passport  now. Some countries also require a visa to legally enter or reside in the country.

U.S. citizens  will not  need a visa or other special document to enter the country for the length of this program. Please also note that visa requirements may vary if you plan to stay in the country longer than the program dates or travel to other countries during or after the program. Please familiarize yourself with these recommendations and requirements prior to applying to this program. 

For more specific visa related information, please visit OGO’s  Visa Information Page 

Information for  Non-U.S. citizens  can be found  here