Hannah Moore

Hannah Moore posing with llamas
PACE - Health, Safety, and Risk Management Analyst
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hannah is majoring in Applied Nutrition and has a minor in Global Health. She completed a virtual internship through our affiliate CIS Abroad! Hannah has also explore around the world to Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, England, France, the Netherlands, Italy and the Dominican Republic.

What skills do you feel you've gained from going on a global program?

My remote, cross-cultural, professional internship was unlike any experience I have had previously. For the first time, I saw how I can take my educational goals, career goals, and passions, and find a meaningful career. Community service is one of my passions and this experience allowed me to discover how I can apply my future nutrition degree in the world of nonprofits and global health. I grew significantly in my cultural awareness, and learned how to handle that in a professional setting. This new awareness has helped me understand and get along with others better, helped me communicate with others better, and helped me become more aware of myself.

What was your virtual program like?

I completed a 8 week virtual global internship through CIS Abroad during the summer after my freshman year. I served as a Project Manager for LIFE Argentina, a nonprofit that works with youth living in socially marginalized and extremely impoverished areas of Argentina. I was put in charge of developing their assets and defining a clear strategy to obtain better results in fundraising. My goal was to deliver a proposal for fundraising platforms and develop a project based on the Misiones experience, with special focus on nutrition. I emailed organizations and connected with individuals to form partnerships, launched donation pages and collected funds, analyzed the needs of the village and developed guidelines and recommendations, and founded a sponsor for a child project. My experience was remote because of COVID-19, however I was still able to experience the culture through weekly meetings, connect with other students completing their internships, and truly feel as though I had an impact.

What advice would you give a student you is interested in a global program?

Don’t let your major stop you! I was unsure if a global program could work with a STEM major, and instead of holding me back it helped me discover my true passion.