Ohio University

OGO GO Again Scholarship

Program Eligibility 

Office of Global Opportunities Go Again Travel Award can be used for participation on OHIO domestic programs, OHIO international programs, and other approved credit-bearing study away programs. Please reach out to OGO to make sure your program is eligible for awards.  

Student Eligibility 

  • Must be enrolled at Ohio University as a full-time, degree-seeking student 
  • HCOM students must be participating on an OHIO-sponsored program or an approved independent international rotation. 
  • US citizens, permanent residents and international undergraduate OHIO students are encouraged to apply. 
  • Must have previously participated on a college level, credit-bearing global program. 

Application Requirements

*Note  All submissions must be applicants’ original work (including any images or text). An applicant's creative piece and/or rationale may be used to promote global programs across various university platforms. This application must be completed in one login session. Your changes will not be saved if you log out before you submit. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you have the required information and materials before you proceed.   

  • Creative piece – Share your global story using creative media. Why did you go on a global program and what are the benefits (personal, academic, or professional) of having a global experience? Please submit anything but an essay – you can submit a video, short story, poem, graphic design, photo essay, music, spoken word, etc… Email global.opportunities@ohio.edu for questions regarding creative work submission. There is no minimum length requirement. Please be considerate of the time it will take for the committee to review your piece.  
  • Rationale – Submit a brief rationale explaining your creative work and why you are planning to go on another global program. 250 words max.  
  • Program Cost Estimate- You are also required to submit a cost estimate for your intended program. You can find a sample cost estimate worksheet here: https://goo.gl/qbYSyH.  If you have any questions about this requirement please contact the Office of Global Opportunities to work with an advisor.

The Office of Global Opportunities must receive all of the above items in order to consider your application. 

Award Amount 

Award amounts are intended to defray the cost of travel associated with global opportunity programs. Successful applicants will receive $100-$1000. The award will be directly applied to students' OHIO accounts during the term in which the awardee is scheduled to travel. Multiple awards may be distributed. Award amount may vary and may not exceed combined program fee and estimated out of pocket costs.  


This award is not available for summer 2021, fall semester 2021, or academic year 2021-22 programs. 

Application deadline for summer 2020, fall semester 2020, and academic year-long 2020-21 programs:  

  • Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 11:59pm. 

Application deadline for winter break, spring semester & spring break programs 2019-20:  

  • Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 11:59pm