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The OHIO Global Connections Professional Development Initiative

Image of Capetown from bird eye view.

Coronavirus Update

The Global Connections program will be offered virtually in Spring 2021.   

Spring semester 2021: South Africa and Kenya

Program Dates
Eligibility and Selection
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The Global Connections Professional Development Initiative was created in 2019 to mobilize university faculty and staff and provide hands-on professional experiences in a global setting. The initiative strives to strengthen university-wide global engagement efforts; promote global engagement of students, faculty, and staff at OHIO; encourage strong global partnerships as well as creative and research initiatives; and foster a diverse and inclusive environment for our university community. 

Program Dates

Spring 2021

January 15, 2021 - April 16, 2021 each Friday 9-11am (EST)

Eligibility and Selection Process

All full-time OHIO staff and faculty are eligible to participate. Successful applicants must have the endorsement of their supervisor or planning unit head, confirming that participation will be considered professional development and use of PTO will not be required.  

The selection committee will choose a group of participants who represent the diversity of people, positions and backgrounds at Ohio University. 

The following individuals are strongly encouraged to apply:  

  • Staff and faculty who have never been outside the US or have limited experience out of the country or in Africa.   

  • New staff and faculty 

  • Regional campus staff and faculty.   

  • Faculty interested in exploring global mobility options for their students, such as a study abroad program, virtual global experiences or a  COIL class.   

  • Faculty from departments that are not currently actively engaged in student global mobility and/or international activities.  

Expectations of Participants

Participants must be available Friday mornings from 9:00-11:00 from January 15-April 16 to participate in sychronous sessions. Participants will also be expected to do pre-session viewings or readings.  

In the latter half of the semester, participants will work with Kenyan and/or South African partners to develop a project that advances global engagement (e.g. COIL classes, training for academic advisors); promotes global mobility (virtual or physical); encourages strong global partnerships and research initiatives; and/or fosters a diverse and inclusive environment for the University community. 

Implementation of planned projects is expected to begin by December 15, 2021.  

Program Inclusions

Program highlights include the following virtual activities: 

  • Site visit to Robben Island and discussion with a former political prisoner 

  • Site visits to traditional homesteads of different tribal groups in Kenya 

  • Discussions on Kenyan pre-colonial cultures and the effect of colonization 

  • Site visit to Soweto Township 

  • Cape Malay cooking class 

  • Conversations about justice, reconciliation and human rights 

  • K-12 schools and university visits

Requesting Accommodation for Disabilities

If you plan to apply to participate in this program and need to request accommodation, please contact  access@ohio.edu

Application Deadline and Details

Friday, December 11 at 11:59 pm EST 

The on-line application will require a 250-500 word, double-spaced statement of purpose explaining your interest in this experience and how the university community will benefit from your participation.  

As part of this application, your supervisor will be asked to approve your participation in this program as professional development.  Please confirm with them in advance of submitting your application.  


For More Information:

Catherine Marshall
Director, Office of Global Opportunities