Ohio University

Vivian Moussa

Vivian Moussa
PACE - Event and Marketing Coordinator
Global - Office of Global Opportunities (OGO)

Vivian is majoring in Journalism and Strategic Communication with  a minor in Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development. She is also pursuing a certificate in Social Media. 

Vivian has studied away on the US: Civil Rights Tour, a domestic program that travels through Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. She has also traveled to Lebanon with her family and has been to 19 states in the US (and counting!). 

What skills do you feel you've gained from going on a global program?

Being immersed in a different culture, whether it's in a different country or state, allows for so much perspective and personal growth. Meeting with people who might not look or act like you helps make the concept of the world smaller and more relatable. You also can gain great academic skills such as a new language or complete course credits.

What is one of your favorite memories from your global program?

Meeting my best friends is my favorite memory from the Civil Rights Tour. One night we just sat in the hotel room talking for hours and getting to know each other. The trip is very emotional, so having people to talk to made it 10x easier and better to get through the each trip stop or discussion.

What advice would you give a student you is interested in a global program?

Research about the program! Read about it on the OGO website, but then also reach out to the professor, a peer advisor or someone you know who has participated in the program before. It will make you feel so much more comfortable knowing exactly what to expect when traveling abroad.