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Cherita King

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Senior Program Coordinator
WIEC 023

Meet Cherita

Cherita has worked in OGO since August 2012, starting as a peer advisor 2012-2013 and interned for IEP, the embedded study abroad provider, for a few months before accepting her professional position with the Office of Global Opportunities. Currently, as Senior Program Coordinator, she oversees student advising processes, supporting faculty who run programs to a variety of locations and guiding students through the process of finding a study away experience. Cherita has presented at the regional NAFSA conferences and is a mentor with the OHIO Women’s Center.

Cherita is an Athens native, she studied Psychology, Sociology Criminology and Spanish at Ohio University. During her undergraduate career she studied abroad in South Africa, Mexico and Spain with OHIO programs; after graduating she worked in Merida, Mexico and taught English. She returned to Athens to earned her M.A. in Spanish from OHIO. As a graduate assistant, Cherita traveled with the Merida, Mexico Study Abroad program as a Teaching and Program Assistant. She has traveled solo across Mexico and Guatemala and has traveled to Italy, France, the Netherlands, Oman, Canada, Ecuador and the Bahamas.

Cherita enjoys reading a good fiction book while cuddling with her tiny Chihuahua, Pupps in her “Tiny Home” or on the beach. She loves to try out new recipes, plan future travel experiences and one day hopes to retire to Mexico and open a small B&B on the beach.

Fun fact: Cherita despises chocolate/peanut butter combos- think Reece’s Pieces and buckeyes, but loves peanut butter and chocolate individually!

Ask Cherita about:

Teaching English abroad, language learning, independent/solo travel or reverse culture shock.

"My favorite aspect of working at OGO is seeing students realize that their dream of study abroad is not only possible, but they are going to make it a reality. There is nothing better than having a return student tell me their experience was amazing." - Cherita on her favorite aspect of working at the Office of Global Opportunities