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Join Our Team Spring 2021

Learn new skills. Share your story. Collaborate with others.

The Office of Global Opportunities succeeds by working directly with the students we serve. Each year, we hire students for federal work study, student hourly, and Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE) positions. These students play critical roles in our office, from advising peers on finding global experiences to shaping our marketing and promotion strategies and more. Working with our office gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, share your story, and collaborate with others.

Special note: So many of our students have had their global experiences impacted by the emergence and spread of COVID-19. Even if you’ve had a global experience cut short or canceled, we encourage you to apply for these positions. You have developed and are developing skills such as flexibility, tolerance for ambiguity, and communication that are critical to positions in our office.  

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See below for more information on open positions:

Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE)

Student applicants must be PACE program eligible to apply for the currently open positions. In general, OGO PACE positions fall into one of three categories:

  1. Advising roles, such as the Cultural Exchange Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion Study Abroad Advisor, and the Global Program Funding Advisor
  2. Marketing and Promotions roles, such as Event & Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer
  3. Data Management roles, such as the Data Analyst, Health Safety and Risk Management Assistant, Salesforce Data Analytics Intern Administrator, and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) System Developer. 

Selected applicants will start their position spring semester 2021 and be able to continue through July 1. PACE students work approximately 10 hours per week, including occasional evening and weekend hours, during the academic semester (excluding final exams week). PACE students will earn minimum wage, including any training days (currently $8.80/hr).

Find out more about the PACE program at the Ohio University PACE website.

We are currently hiring the following positions (click on the position to view a PDF snapshot of each role):

To Apply: 

  1. Confirm you are PACE eligible by completing the PACE application from the Ohio University PACE website.
  2. Email a copy of your resume to Global.Opportunities@ohio.edu, with the subject line "PACE CRM System Developer Position", expressing your interest in the position.
    • We will be reviewing candidates on a rolling basis to fill this mid-year position. We encourage all applicants to apply before January 31 for full consideration.