Ohio University

Farah Chidiac

Photo of Farah Chidiac.
Peer Advisor
Global - Office of Global Opportunities (OGO)

Farah is majoring in Criminology and Sociology, with a minor in Screenwriting & Digital Storytelling. She is also pursuing 3 certificates: War & Peace Studies, Social Media, and Technology & Society

Farah studied abroad through the affiliate provider ISA, spending 3 months in San José, Costa Rica. She has also traveled to France and Italy for foreign exchange programs in high school, and has had personal travel to Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, and France.

What skills do you feel you've gained from going on a global program?

I learned how to be less codependent on other people, especially my boyfriend, and more in-tune with what I want out of my own life and career path. I also became much more confident and adaptable to new experiences and challenges, especially when it came to communicating across cultures. Thanks to stepping out of my comfort zone, I was able to improve my communication skills and gain more respect for the differences in how people live in other cultures.

What is one of your favorite memories from your global program?

One of my favorite memories is when a group of my friends and I stayed in a house at the Congo Bongo Lodges that was wide open in a jungle in Puerto Viejo. I woke up to the sound of howler monkeys and made friends with a stray cat and dog. We had the best time relaxing on our own private beach during the day and belting out karaoke at night.

What advice would you give a student you is interested in a global program?

There are so many positive experiences, people to meet, delicious foods to eat, and exciting memories to be made that are eagerly waiting to be shared with you. It is okay to be nervous and unsure, but that is the beauty of travel! Not only will it open your eyes to an entirely new perspective but it will also enhance your confidence, independence, and cross-cultural sensitivity.