Ohio University

Brian Colgan

Brian Colgan
Peer Advisor
Global - Office of Global Opportunities (OGO)

Brian is majoring in International Business and German. He studied abroad through the Ohio-Credit German Language Program in Salzburg, Austria.  He has also traveled to Berline, Munich, Maria Alm, Paris, Vienna, Venice, and Prague.

What skills do you feel you've gained from going on a global program?

I feel I gained lots of confidence in many aspects while abroad. I became more and more comfortable speaking to strangers and really getting to know people and as I had to do it in another language, it makes all those things so much easier in the U.S.

What is one of your favorite memories from your global program?

One of my favorite memories has to be when we took our trip to Berlin and got to see the Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie as I had read and learned so much about it, but finally got to see it in person.

What advice would you give a student you is interested in a global program?

Any student interested in a global program should not delay or wait to study abroad, but rather just go for it because it is an amazing experience and going while in college is an amazing time.