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How To Select A Program

The OHIO Office of Global Opoprtunities provides a listing of considerations on their website.  Special considerations for Global Health Programs are listed below.


  • Language – English-speaking or not? Depending on the location, work is conducted in English or through translators.  Some programs offer medical language training as part of the program.
  • Global Health Areas of Interest - Program locations offer a varying degree of educational, research and clinical opportunities.  For the health professions, some programs offer broad clinical or research experience while others are focused by disease such as Chagas or specific health issues like HIV/AIDS.   There are also opportunities to explore different healthcare facilities and systems in a developed country, or build diagnostic and communication skills working in a low resource area of a developing country.


Comfort Level


  • Do you want to work with a group or independently? If you’d prefer to travel with other OHIO Students and an OHIO Faculty member, select an OHIO Faculty Directed Program.  If there isn’t an OHIO program in your interest area, you can check out the organized global health programs available through a third party organization. The Global Health Initiative has developed relationships with two third party providers: International Service Learning and  Child Family Health International who offer opportunities at sustained community health programs in several countries.  The Office of Global Opportunities provides a list of other organizations, several of which offer global health related opportunities.
  • HCOM Students can arrange an independent rotation through church organizations, other universities, hospitals and the American Medical Student Association. Third and fourth year students can receive credit for a Global Health rotation, while first and second year students do not receive credit.
  • How long do you want be away?  The length of most group and independent programs vary from a week to four weeks. Independent rotations offer the flexibility to determine a longer length of stay depending on your interests, status and requirements of your current degree program.  


Living Arrangements


  • Do you want to live with a family or homestay?
  • Would you prefer hotel, dorm or apartment accommodations?
  • Would you be comfortable with rustic accommodations?
  • Are you willing to share a room?


Financial Considerations


  • Travel awards are available through the Global Health Initiative to OHIO Heritage College and CHSP students for OHIO Global Health Faculty Directed Programs. The Office of Global Opportunities also offers travel awards and funding for research is available through various campus sources.