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IMSFA Welcome Lunch


AMSA-IFMSA Bilateral Clinical Exchange Program is a student run organization providing third and fourth year OU-Heritage College students with the opportunity to participate in a four-week clinical clerkship in one of over 100 countries involved with the program.


The American Medical Student Association (AMSA)’s International Clinical Exchange program allows individual students to do a clinical rotation in a foreign country.  This international exchange program operates through the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), represented in the United States by AMSA. Through IFMSA over 7,000 students from around the globe participate in clinical or preclinical clerkship opportunities every year. Exchanges are a unique opportunity for medical students to further their training by studying medicine in a different cultural context. If you are interested in doing clinical training in another country, and also are excited about providing the same opportunity for foreign students at the Heritage College, then AMSA’s International Clinical Exchanges is a great opportunity to grow as a student-leader, as well as, a physician.


IFMSA's focus is to help develop your leadership skills as a medical student and to make you an active member of the IFMSA network. Going on an international clinical exchange is more than doing a clinical rotation in a foreign country. It means exposing you to your counterparts from around the world, providing you opportunities to grow as a student-leader on a global scale. It will give you the tools to shape your career through friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. Be a part of it!