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University International Council (UIC)

UIC was established in 1995 by OHIO President Robert Glidden as one of eight all-University policy committees with a broad representation from faculty, staff, and student members with particular expertise in, or familiarity with a given world area or aspect of international programs. Members are appointed by the President, based upon recommendations.

The mission of UIC is to initiate, foster, coordinate, evaluate and effectively communicate the international activities of the University, and to develop and propose new international education policies and other initiatives.

UIC Members


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Office of Global Affairs

UIC Subcommittees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee's mission is to guide the overall direction of the UIC to ensure that the UIC achieves its mission and goals as stated in the Bylaws. Specifically, the Executive Committee's charge includes the following:

  • Set the agenda for the general UIC meetings;
  • Manage UIC membership recruitment and coordinate new member orientation;
  • Oversee the administrative procedures of the UIC and its subcommittees;
  • Make executive decisions on behalf of UIC when necessary;
  • Oversee the activities of the UIC subcommittees and give charges as needed.

Global Education, Research, and Creativity Committee (GERC)

The Global Education, Research, and Creativity Committee (GERC) is charged with promoting the globalization of the academic, research, and innovative programs at Ohio University. Key charges of the GERC include the following:

  • Identify and profile the University’s strengths, distinctiveness and areas for development in education, research activities, and creative programs that are globally focused;
  • Monitor trends in the globalization of higher education and their applicability to continuous improvement at OHIO;
  • Develop policy and/or program recommendations to advance the University’s global education, research, and innovations agenda;
  • Monitor and evaluate the globalization of OHIO’s academic programs;
  • Endeavor to assist faculty seeking to globalize their academic interest.

Global Mobility Committee (GMC)

The mission of the Global Mobility Committee (GMC) is to advance university-wide global engagement and promote outbound mobility of students, faculty, and staff at Ohio University through various global opportunities including, but not limited to, study away, research collaboration, staff exchange, and professional development opportunities.

The Study Away Committee (SAC) and Global Travel Fund Committee (GTF) both act as subcommittees under the GMC. While the SAC and the GTF focus on specific population and types of activities, the GMC is charged with leading a strategic approach to engage the university-wide community with global activities that meet the academic goals of the university.

Specifically, the GMC is charged with the following:

  • Review the global mobility trends and identify the niche markets and innovative opportunities for the students, faculty, and staff at OHIO;
  • Profile the current capacity of global mobility activities and areas to be improved;
  • Develop policy and/or recommendations to increase the level of participation, diversify the destinations, and strengthen the key activities and outcomes; and
  • Monitor and evaluate the mobility activities to enhance sustainable growth and quality assurance.


  • Garrett Field
  • Catherine Marshall, Chair
  • Vic Matta
  • Debra McBride
  • Alison Moore
  • Beth Novak
  • Connie Patterson
  • Gabriel Popa
  • Lindsey Rudibaugh

Study Away Committee (SAC)

The mission of the Study Away Committee (SAC) is to review and evaluate global opportunities focused on OHIO’s student population. The SAC responsibilities include the following:

  • Review proposed and existing off-campus global programs sponsored by OHIO;
  • Evaluate and award program development funding requests;
  • Develop and assess policies promoting the safety, fiscal responsibility and academic quality of off-campus global programs.

Global Travel Fund Committee (GTF)

The Global Travel Fund Committee (GTF) is charged with promoting the global engagement of OHIO faculty and staff’s for strategic activities including, but not limited to, research collaboration, partnership development, and professional development in the strategic regions of focus. The GTF responsibilities include:

  • Develop funding policy and guidelines to promote wider engagement of faculty and staff, geographic locations with a strategic focus, and substantial global activities;
  • Administer the Global Travel Fund by reviewing and approving the applications;
  • Monitor and evaluate the outcomes of the funded activities.

Globalizing the Campus Committee (GCC)

The mission of the Globalizing the Campus Committee (GCC) is to support the University’s services and infrastructure to be diverse and inclusive and in alignment with its sustainable growth. In addition, the GCC strives to ensure that the university’s international community is well supported through administrative procedures, basic infrastructure, and cultural competencies among other members of the community, and the delivery of targeted programs.

Specifically, the GCC's responsibilities include:

  • Monitor global trends on campus initiatives to create inclusive and diverse campuses;
  • Identify, monitor and review campus plans and activities for enhancing diversity and inclusive and sustainable development across all campuses;
  • Ongoing review of the University’s level of support for the international population on campus;
  • Conduct periodic needs assessment and exit survey of international population to benchmark;
  • Develop strategies to increase, support and retain the presence of international students, faculty, and staff on campus;
  • Create policy and/or program recommendations to enhance the continued development of a diverse and inclusive academic environment, experiential learning, and cultural awareness across all campuses.

Global Relations and Profile Committee (GRPC)

The mission of the Global Relations and Profile Committee (GRPC) is to promote strong global partnerships and networks that support OHIO’s mission and vision and seek to raise the University’s profile globally. The GRPC responsibilities include:

  • Initiate, develop, and propose relationship management and communication strategies, policies, programs, and priorities;
  • Provide guidance for the development of OHIO’s international affiliations and activities and ways to strategically align OHIO’s overseas activities and partnerships with its global agenda;
  • Review OHIO’s international program initiatives and non-exchange agreements through the Global Agreement Review Committee (GARC);
  • Oversee the evaluation of all existing international partnerships and exchange agreements.