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Global Strategy Timeline

October 2013

  • Preliminary discussions were held and Strategic Framework for Globalization was drafted.

January 2014

  • Strategic Framework was finalized.

January – December 2014

  • Strategic Framework was widely communicated via various forums by Vice Provost for Global Affairs and International Studies.

May & June 2014

  • Deans and Executive Team’s Table was held twice to review the strategic framework and recommend the key priority areas to focus on. The meetings were co-chaired by the dean of college of business and the associate provost for faculty and academic planning.

October 2014

  • 'Global Strategy & Internationalization at OHIO' was drafted to initiate conversation.
  • OHIO’s baseline international activities document was completed and shared with key stakeholder groups..
  • Senior International Management Team held a retreat to discuss the strategic framework and initiatives in depth.

March- September 2015

  • Feedback on the draft reports was solicited online to help finalize the internationalization plan.

March – April 2015

  • Focus groups, seminars, and other engagement activities took place.

September-October 2015

  • A series of retreats were held with the Global Strategy Advisors.

November 2015

  • Consultation across the campus and various communities was sought.
  • Public forums were held.

October 2016

  • The final draft was presented at the Board of Trustees meeting