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Presidential Global Engagement Fund




The Presidential Global Engagement Fund (PGE Fund), established by the Office of the President, the Office of Global Affairs and International Studies, and the Division of Research, aims to increase OHIO’s global engagement to advance academic excellence and innovation in regions of the world and with selected partners of strategic interest to the University. This includes international disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities that promote research and creative activity, education, experiential learning and/or recruitment and alumni initiatives. As part of OHIO’s Global Strategy, the PGE Fund is intentionally and directly linked to leveraging past, current and future investments in OHIO’s globalization efforts, including the most recent university-wide capacity building  Global Connections Program  and Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Initiative.
The investment profile of the PGE Fund will align with university priorities proposed by University International Council (UIC) and approved by the President, in consultation with the Office of Global Affairs and International Studies and the Division of Research.
The PGE Fund focuses its support on promoting a diversity of activities, partners, and regions of the world for the global engagement in four categories including:
  • International Research & Creative Activity;
  • International Institutional Partners; 
  • Selected Regions and Countries of the World; and 
  • Excellence and Innovation. 




1. International Research & Creative Activity
The proposals in this category promote international research and scholarly activities that are innovative with high impact potential. There are no pre-defined priorities for research topics or disciplines. Preference will be given to proposals that are interdisciplinary in nature and engaging international partners and/or researchers.  
2. International Institutional Partners
The proposals in this category strengthen the existing institutional partnerships of Ohio University. As a result, the projects that involve the pre-identified institutional partners are eligible for the funding. Preference will be given to proposals that are innovative, targeting strategic priorities of both Ohio University and the select partner institution, and with potential for long-term outcomes. For the purpose of the PGE Fund, the international partners include below: 
  • Malaysia as a country
  • Chubu University, Japan
  • Leipzig University, Germany
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Ecuador
3. Selected Regions and Countries of the World 
Current data shows that the faculty and student mobility at Ohio University is concentrated in Europe. The proposals in this category enhance opportunities for Ohio University to engage in regions that are not in Europe. This may include research and creative activities, education, experiential learning, and/or recruitment and alumni initiatives.   
4. Excellence and Innovation
The proposals in this category are expected to contain excellent ideas and objectives to be implemented worldwide (excluding the U.S. but including U.S. Territories). This is an open category where there are no boundaries and restrictions. Proposals should have excellent ideas that are game-changing, impactful and sustainable.


Faculty and administrative staff on all Ohio University campuses are eligible to participate as a Principal Investigator (PI) or a Co-Investigator (CI) in any field of study. Proposals must be submitted by PI, with a priority given to early career faculty . Administrative staff who are interested in participating must have a faculty member as part of the project team. The recipient of PGE Fund is expected to be an employee of Ohio University for the entire award period.


Funding requests for a project can range from $5,000 to $20,000 per proposal for a period of 18 months. No matching funding is required from internal or external partners but is welcomed unless the project costs exceeds the allowable budget from this program. Note: proposals will not be evaluated on the basis of matching fund.
Awards will be made in spring 2020 to be used immediately upon account establishment and no longer than 18 months from the start date. Applicants should assume that the project should begin no later than April 15th, 2020. The award is intended to support the costs of conducting clearly defined activities including (but not limited to):
  1. International travel and living expenses
  2. Language training by participants as required
  3. Delivery of clearly defined workshops 
  4. Project-related expenses 
  5. Temporary research assistants, translators, or transcribers
Some other terms for the award include: 
  1. Participation of partner/collaborating international institutions can be included in the budget request. 
  2. No awards will be made to subsidize travel and expenses for attendance and participation at professional conferences and meetings, or to provide salary subsidies or course buy-outs. 
  3. This funding should not be a duplication of other internal or external funding. 
  4. Funding can be used to enable undergraduate and graduate student participation but will not cover academic tuition and/or fee waivers.
  5. Funding can support graduate student stipends if they are strongly linked to the success of the project.



Within 18 months of the last day of the grant, all application activities must lead to at least one of the following deliverables: 
  1. Submission of an article manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal or similar peer-reviewed publication); 
  2. Submission of an exhibit or performance to peer reviewed venue;
  3. External proposal submission to, or recipient of a granting council, foundation or related agency; 
  4. A proposal or new program for education (on campus, virtual, and/or COIL); research & creative activity; study away; international recruitment or other related activities 
  5. A proposal to, or a new collaboration with an internal institutional or college funding program to advance international programming; and/or
  6. MOU and Activity Agreement with a partner institution to continue active collaboration in a targeted area of activity.
In the spring or fall term following the completion of the award (e.g. Spring 2022 or Fall 2023), the awardees will be asked to provide a public lecture presenting their work, results and preliminary findings.
The awardees are expected to submit a final report that describes the project goals and program description, experiences, results and lessons learned.


  1. Cover Page  
  2. Checklist
  3. Project Description
  4. CV for each proposing PI and CI(s)
  5. Budget and justification 
  6. Description of participating collaborators and institutions/agencies in the site/country (ies) where the PI and/or CI(s) is going to conduct the proposed initiative(s) (if applicable)
  7. Supporting letter(s) from participating international partners/institutions (if applicable)

More information about the proposal format and details will be available soon.



  1. Submit one (1) electronic copy of the entire proposal (with required signatures) no later than 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date to the Office of Global Affairs ( globalaffairs@ohio.edu ) with a subject header of "Presidential Global Engagement Fund Proposal". 
  2. All proposals must be a single file in Adobe Acrobat format (Mac users must include the file extensions .pdf in the file name) and must contain the entire proposal, including all appendices, unless authorized prior to the deadline. 
  3. If there is anything about your proposal that requires special handling or consideration, it is essential that you contact the Office of Global Affairs ( globalaffairs@ohio.edu ) for approval prior to submission.


The full proposals are due on January 31, 2020, 5:00 p.m. EST. 


Proposals will be evaluated by the PGE Fund Review Committee chaired by the Vice President of Research and Creative Activity and a member of the University of International Council. One of the Committee members is a diversity officer who will help ensure the fair process to all applicants. 
Proposals will be reviewed with the assistance of persons at Ohio University or elsewhere who have expertise in the area of proposed projects. The following criteria, as well as other factors as special circumstances dictate, are considered in the proposal review:
  • Resulting in internationally visible outputs and/or outcomes 
  • High quality of the proposal and the proposed project
  • Projects must be sustainable after the project funding period
  • Projects requiring international travel to one or more countries
  • Projects which can reasonably be accomplished with available funds
  • Projects with intellectual and practical activities which align with the University’s goal of supporting scholarship that promotes global engagement with international partnerships



Successful proposals will be recommended to the President by the UIC PGE Fund Review Committee following a thorough review of all proposals. The recipients of the fund will be announced in March 2020, subject to revision if necessary to successfully execute the review process. 





In the spring or fall term following the completion of the award (e.g. Spring 2022 or Fall 2023), the awardees will be asked to provide a public lecture presenting their work, results and preliminary findings.


A final report that describes significant outcomes, discoveries, experiences, results and lessons learned must be submitted.




Contact the Office of Global Affairs at  globalaffairs@ohio.edu  with any questions regarding the PGE Fund and/or proposal submission. 





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