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There are various resources that OHIO has available to all students that may be useful to help you achieve academic success.  First and foremost, you should know that each professor wants their students to succeed.  Therefore, if you do not understand something, it is expected and accepted that you ask for clarification and assistance.  Please see below for other important tips for navigating a U.S. classroom.

  • In many countries, the professor’s role is to impart expert knowledge and the student’s role is to absorb it. Within these systems it would seem presumptuous for a novice to challenge an expert.
    • If a professor asks the class about their opinion whether through discussion or through a writing assignment, it is acceptable and expected that students express what they think.
  • In some cultures, students are expected to maintain a respectful silence in class.
    • In the U.S., if students do not volunteer questions, faculty may assume that they understand the material. So, if you have a question, you should ask it otherwise it may never be answered. Also, if a faculty member asks the class a question, and if students do not volunteer answers, faculty members may assume that the class does not understand the material that is being taught.

If you need assistance with writing or you wish to get a tutor, click here to learn about the many support services available to OHIO students.

Also, whether you are looking for assistance in finding good research materials, wanting to reserve group study rooms, or looking to rent DVD's/videos, the librarians at all of the OHIO libraries can also serve as an academic resource to you. Click here to become more familiar with the services that our University libraries offer.





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