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Sevilla Exchange

Seville, Spain

Graduate Exchange Program, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Program description

The Department of Modern Languages at Ohio University has established a one-year exchange program with the Department of English Philology at the Faculty of Philology, Universidad de Sevilla in Spain. The program receives administrative support from the Office of Global Opportunities at OHIO and the International Center at SEVILLA.

Sevilla is the capital of Andalucía in southern Spain with about 700,000 residents. It is located on the Guadalquivir river. Sevilla is a framed in the traditions and history of the past but has a modern edge. The city is noted for its architecture, monuments, festivals and museums. As a student in Sevilla, you will experience first-hand the culture of siestas and tapas, while also exploring the city, nearby beaches and the rest of Spain.

In this exchange program, graduate students study at SEVILLA for a full academic year. The stay is typically sandwiched between the first and second year of the OHIO MA program. Participants have the amazing opportunity to complete relevant coursework and gain practical teaching and research experience. After the completion of one year as a non-degree seeking student at SEVILLA, students return to OHIO to complete their MA.

At SEVILLA, students are supported by an advisor, who will help with course selection and introduce them to their teaching and research responsibilities.

Exchange Program Dates

September – June

Participants study on this exchange after their first year of MA studies at OHIO and return for a final year at OHIO after the end of the program.

Application Deadline

December 1

Click here to apply!

Eligibility requirements

This program is open to graduate students in Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages. Participating students must be in good academic standing and at minimum have a 3.0 GPA at the graduate level. Students are required to submit three (3) letters of reference, a statement of purpose in English and a sample paper in Spanish. Additionally, an interview is required.

Students who do not currently hold a valid passport are encouraged to apply for one as soon as possible.

Students who will be on probation at any point during the program for a conduct offense that took place less than a calendar year from the program start date may not study abroad. Click here to read the entire conduct policy.

This program does not accept non-OHIO students.


SEVILLA will send an official transcript to OHIO. Passed coursework taken in SEVILLA will be assessed – and credits transferred – according to Graduate College and Department of Modern Languages policies.


OHIO students at SEVILLA must register in the Faculty of Philology for one (1) graduate-level course per semester. Courses may be selected from the following programs:

  • Literary, Linguistic and Cultural Studies (MELLC)
  • Translation and Interculturality (MUENTI)
  • Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language and other Modern Languages (MASELE)
  • Advanced Spanish Studies.


Student Budget Worksheet 2020-21

Gain practical language instruction experience

The Department of English Philology at SEVILLA will annually offer one teaching assistantship to one OHIO graduate student in the program. The OHIO student will receive a minimum stipend of 11,500 € per academic year.

OHIO students at SEVILLA teach up to 24 European credits (ECTS) in courses of the first years of the Degree of English Studies and hold weekly required office hours. Students also devote up to 13 hours per semester scholarship/research-related collaborations with faculty or research teams in English and/or Spanish within or outside the immediate laboratory/classroom setting. These activities will not require specialized academic or technical knowledge.

Learn more about scholarships and program funding opportunities.

For more information, please contact:

Emilia Alonso-Sameño
Professor of Spanish
Program Coordinator
Department of Modern Languages
Email: markse@ohio.edu


Kirsten la Cour Dabelko
Sr. Program Coordinator
Office of Global Opportunities
Phone: 740-597-9039
Email: dabelkok@ohio.edu





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