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Maddy Geiser

Photo of Maddy standing in front of wall in Northern Ireland

Senior Peer Advisor


Meet Maddy.

Preferred Pronouns: She, her, hers

Maddy is a current Junior Peer Advisor (JPA) for the Office of Global Opportunities. She started working with the office in January 2019. In addition to advising study away students, Maddy will be assisting with special office projects. Maddy is majoring in Political Science in the Honors Tutorial College with a certificate in Law, Justice and Culture. She is a member of the Marching 110. Maddy has participated on two OHIO programs - an international spring break program to Northern Ireland to study human rights, law and justice and a domestic program with the band to the Thanksgiving Day Macy's Parade in New York. She also spent a week in China during her sophomore year of high school.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome?     

When waiting in the airport for my flight home, I was informed that they overbooked the flight and I might have to stay an extra night in Dublin by myself. Terrified to be left behind by my study abroad group, I realized it was up to me to ensure my seat on that plane. I was pushy, I talked with agents and other airline representatives for the three hours before boarding in order to guarantee my spot. About ten minutes before boarding, the agents told me they convinced another individual to stay an extra night, granting my ability to fly home. These were the most stressful three hours of the entire trip, but eventually I made it home safely thanks to my patience and perseverance (and pestering the airline agents).

What was your motivation or deciding factor in choosing to participate in a global Program?

I was introduced to the program by a friend and went to the informational meetings mostly as support for her, but it had always been a dream for me to go to Ireland. Seeing pictures from past trips, learning about what me would be studying, and befriending the other people I would be traveling with all made going a very easy choice for me. I was also interested in the certificate attached to this program, so it seemed like a great way to meet requirements for school and fulfil a life-long dream of mine.

How did your program help you grow, personally, professionally and/or academically?

Honestly, the program was a little scary at times- being responsible for money, travel, and food when in a foreign country was daunting and caused me to become much more self-sufficient. I also developed lasting friendships with my fellow students that I would not have met otherwise. It’s funny how I had to go all the way to Northern Ireland to make friends with the people that were already at Ohio University with me.





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